They Threw a Parade in Her Honor . . .

Our Caitlyn is a HUGE Dolly Parton fan. Dolly Parton is Caitlyn’s Moody Blues. (Jason is a serious Moody Blue fan.) Caitlyn has even written school reports about Dolly Parton and her book “Coat of Many Colors.”

So – Caitlyn was thrilled to be traveling to Sevier County – Tennessee – Dolly Parton’s birthplace – the land of Dolly Parton.

Caitlyn tormented . . . oops – I mean delighted Jack with a carefully curated Dolly Parton playlist in honor of our trip to Tennessee. Jack was thrilled to be able to hear “Jolene” and “Islands in the Stream” and “Dumb Blonde” to name just a few . . . There were   more – so Many – MANY more!

I know I had a blast joining Caitlyn in serenading Jack. It was such a delight to sing along to my very favorite Dolly Parton song “Islands in the Stream.” (It was written by the Bee Gees and I am a HUGE Bee Gees fan!)

Caitlyn was happy just to be in Sevier County – Tennessee but when she learned a trip to Dollywood was on the agenda – she was ALL in. She was one happy lady. (You would have thought she was going to a yarn store or something!!!!)

Someone needed to stay behind to watch all FOUR dogs. So – Jason and I gladly opted for dog walking duty.   We are much better dog walkers/wranglers/herders than we are amusement park attendees. Mountain walks are much more our style.

Not long after our wild and wonderful family arrived at Dollywood – Elizabeth sent us a text. It read – “Dolly is here today!!!”

To which I replied – “Has Caitlyn exploded yet?!?!!!!”

“Yep!” – came multiple replies from the family texting group. Yes – she has.

Our family has been going to Dollywood for years and years and years.   Our family has been going to Dollywood multiple times each year. Our family has been to Dollywood in the summer and in the spring and even in the winter for Christmas – but they have never – ever seen Dolly Parton at her namesake amusement park.

But – the VERY FIRST TIME – Caitlyn goes to Dollywood – Dolly Parton is there for a surprise visit and they are throwing a parade in her honor.   (Dolly’s – not Caitlyn’s.)

Caitlyn and her entourage had front row spots along the parade route to ensure that the Dolly sighting was optimal.

There Caitlyn is waving to Dolly!

And Caitlyn was able to see her hero and idol in person!

Apparently (and thankfully) it was absolutely – positively amazing and glorious and awesome and wondrously stupendous.

I have never – ever wanted to go to Dollywood. BUT I would have loved to have seen Caitlyn waving to Dolly.   I would have loved to have witnessed Caitlyn’s joy and her smiles and even the tears that rumor has it she may have shed . . .

But part of loving people is sharing them with others. And I have a great imagination – I think I have a pretty good idea of what she looked like!

Friday was a really Good Day and it will definitely go down in McFarland/Markward history as a “remember when day. . .”

Remember when we went to Dollywood and saw DOLLY PARTON in a parade?!?!?!?

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