One of His Favorite Things

Our Will goes through very – very distinct phases with his interests.   These phases go in cycles. (But the cycles don’t have a pattern Jason and I have been able to discern. And believe me – Jason and I have looked – searched for – and sought a pattern! Will likes to keep us guessing and just a bit on edge – especially around his birthday and Christmas . . .)   Trains – NASCAR – ships – planes – Godzilla – and then maybe a brief foray back to NASCAR before a deep dive back into ships.

Whatever the phase – Will is ALL in. And I mean ALL IN. To the exclusion of ALL other toys and interests.

If Will is into trains – he eats – sleeps – reads – watches – TALKS and thinks exclusively of trains. Trains will be his obsession. His joy and his delight. His singular interest and talking point.

Do not waste your precious time and energy trying to interest William McFarland in ships – because it absolutely – positively will NOT work.

Seriously – I have tried and Tried and TRIED suggesting to the youngest McFarland that he could like and enjoy both trains and ships at the SAME time.   That would be a hard NO in Will’s world and mind. No way.   Not working for this guy. Trains just trains. Nothing but trains. ONLY trains – thank you very much!

And then whammo – out of the clear blue – it will be planes. No warning. Now we are on to planes and trains are dead to him! Sometimes he will switch mid-day!

I feel like I should send out text alerts to our family and friends.   “Warning – Will’s phase has changed. DO NOT approach Will wishing to discuss TRAINS. It is PLANES NOW! WE ARE NOW ON TO PLANES!   Trains are dead to him. Brush up on AIRPLANES.”

I love this picture Will snapped of Jack. It looks like Jack is texting – but – he is immersed in his passion for photography. He is using his phone to take a light reading!

Will is into AIRPLANES right now (with a slight foray into Rubik’s Cubes). Jason tells me that Rubik’s Cubes don’t count as a full-on double interest because they simply aren’t THAT interesting! I would have to agree on that one . . . Rubik’s Cubes simply don’t have what it takes to survive a Will McFarland “deep dive” of interest.   This kid gets downright encyclopedic about his interests. (But consider yourself warned – he can and will talk your leg off about Rubik’s cubes.   The different versions and sizes and patterns!)

Anyway – planes – especially World War II planes are Will’s primary interest these days.

The lighting of the picture isn’t great – but he finished it at 9:30 pm!

Two weekends ago – Jason put together an entire 1,000-piece puzzle for William of WW II planes in 48 hours. Seriously – just 48 hours (and he slept too!!!!) Talk about a dad’s love for his child. Will and I helped some – but I had cool yarn to knit and Will is 9 . . . The puzzle was Jason’s endeavor and he rocked it like a rock star. (Jason may have wanted to finish the puzzle while Will was still interested in planes!)

Will has a special fondness for the B-17 Flying Fortress.

Can you imagine riding into enemy territory or any territory in THAT?

And Jason – being Jason (the man is the reigning McFarland family emperor of research) – learned a WW II B-17 and a JRB-6 were going to be at the Clark Regional Airport in Sellersburg this week. And there were going to be tours!!!

Seriously – Will’s FAVORITE plane in the whole – great – big – glorious universe was going to be in the neighborhood! Awesome! Amazing!   Wonderful! Whoo! Hoo!

Unfortunately – the only days and times they were giving tours were during the busy work day (clearly this event was planned by retirees) – BUT Will’s big brother is an actual card-carrying ADULT. Will’s big brother has a car and is responsible and loves Will as much as his parents do.   And Jack wasn’t scheduled to work on Tuesday!!! Jack was perfectly happy to take his little brother to Indiana to see planes even on a day that was so hot it melted the asphalt patches on the airport runway!

So – on a melty hot June afternoon the McFarland brothers set off to the land of the Hoosier to see a WW II B-17 Flying Fortress and a JRB-6.

And they had a wonderful time. They arrived in time to see the Flying Fortress land after giving some seriously – hard-core fans an actual flight in the B-17.

Then they were able to take a tour of both planes.

Will was very – Very – VERY impressed.

Then they were able to watch the B-17 take to the skies.

There were pictures and videos and so – so – so many smiles and stories and tales of adventure! We call this “brothers bonding” at our house.

The McFarland brothers had a wonderful day together. Memories were made. Joy was found. Life was good!

This is the good stuff! This is what matters. This is truly a reason to give our Lord thanks!

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