Introducing Douglas . . .

Jack and Douglas right after we had signed the official adoption paperwork.

Jack met his sidekick yesterday. His companion and his best bud.

It was absolutely love at first sight.

Jack’s new bestie is Douglas. But we call him Doug and “Good Boy!”

Doug is a beautiful – 13-month-old Australian Shepherd with very striking eyes. Like many Aussies – Doug’s eyes are more than one color. Doug’s eyes are both blue and brown. Not swirl of blue and brown like our Will’s hazel eyes – but divided into distinct blue and brown sections. One eye is half blue and half brown and the other eye is blue with a vertical brown stripe right in the middle.

Doug matches our dining room perfectly!

Doug’s coat is a wild array of white – red and tan. Sort of like a giant calico cat!   He is actually called a red merle tri-color – but that sounds just a bit pretentious . . . Doug is far too goofy to be pretentious!

Doug has been living in Frankfurt, Kentucky for the last month or so.   Before that he was living on a farm.   We learned that before the farm there was another family . . . Doug has not been blessed with faithful people – but this has changed. Doug is in his forever home now. Jack promised and so did Jason – Will and I. Douglas is totally stuck with us and so far – he doesn’t seem to mind.

What a total goof?!?!?

Doug is a really sweet boy who needs training (don’t we all).   Thankfully – he wants to please.

Our Douglas is full to the brim with energy (which is why we are home number 3). Australian Shepherds are.   He is a herding dog. Doug is not a lap dog. He was bred to run and to work and to be busy. But the McFarlands are a relatively active family. Jason and I love to walk and hike. And Jack likes to walk – hike and JOG/RUN! We can and will keep Douglas busy. Doug has already been on 5 walks and he has only lived with us for 18 hours and 1 of those was spent in the basement for a tornado warning and another 8 we were all sleeping . . .   If anyone can wear this guy out – we can!

Doug and I need to work on the lighting!

We worried about how our newly adopted cat – Gracie – would feel about our Doug. We assumed she would hate Doug with a white hot passion. We assumed our traumatized girl would feel some very big – very negative feelings. Would she take up residence in Will’s closet and never leave? Would she make a break for it out the front door? Perhaps she would petition for a return to the shelter or for a new home with far less chaos? (But just like Doug – Grace is stuck with us. We are Gracie’s forever family.)

Gracie surprised us. Actually – Gracie shocked us. She LIKES Doug and his presence in our home is helping draw her out of her shell! She is chatting with us a bit more and even doing that slow – luxurious – swirling – dance between our feet that happy – relaxed – content cats do.

Clearly our Gracie has lived with a dog before. Dogs are familiar territory for our slightly less-sad orange girl.

Our Ash – on the other hand . . . Well – Ash – despises – hates – abhors and generally dislikes Doug. Here was the white – hot fury (not furry). Her reaction was to swell to 4 times her normal size – to hiss – and to growl! We have never heard her growl before – but she can hiss and growl loudly. Ash has had more than one hissy fit! She was growling so loudly I thought my phone was ringing in my purse (on vibrate). Seriously – she sounded just like my phone does when it is buried at the bottom of my purse and vibrating away.

Poor Jack . . . holding Satan . . .

Ash has been pouting in the basement – filled with indignation and outrage! She is like a furious toddler issuing unreasonable demands. Our Ash is still a kitten (she and Jack both have August birthdays) and is just going to need to get over herself . . . BUT we didn’t give her the middle name of Napoleon for nothing!

Jack is over the moon. Will is pleased as punch. Jason is Jason. And me – well – it is pretty fun watching our sons’ dreams come true!

Our home has truly become a zoo. Or perhaps a circus . . .

But thankfully laughter reigns along with lots of love and a whole – whole lot of grace/Gracie/Ash/and now Douglas!

Ash used to look like this!

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