Napoleon is Getting a Sister

It is spring break for the McFarland sons.

Will is hanging out in Richmond with our awesome extended family.   Will is playing with his beloved cousin Nic – gaming with Bella – and being doted on by Auntie and Mimi. Will is laughing at Uncle’s “dad” jokes and watching sports with Papa.

(In our family the boys’ Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle John often just go by Auntie and Uncle. Auntie and Uncle are so cool. So exceptional in their awesomeness. So amazing that they just need one name like Cher or Madonna or Beyonce. The boys have another aunt and uncle – but when a McFarland son says Auntie or Uncle – we know exactly who they are talking about.   Because Auntie is Auntie and she is just plain awesome! Uncle is Uncle and he is unparalleled!)

Oh – and did I mention that there are kittens? Yes – there are kittens at Mimi and Papa’s house. There are currently 5 adorable – fluffy – precious – toddling – exploring – sweet kittens living on Mimi and Papa’s sun porch with their beautiful mama – Lexie!

Some people are dog people. Some people are cat people.   Some people are parrot people. Some people are pet rock people! Our Will is 100% a cat person. Will has loved cats for as long as I can remember. (And at this point – I can still remember almost all of Will’s life . . . )

So – our Will is currently experiencing a glimpse of heaven right here on Earth. Seriously – Mimi – Papa – Nic – Bella – Auntie – Uncle – 5 sweet – fluffy – exploring KITTENS and NO school!   Life simply does not get much better than this.

Jack and Will call this one Smudge. She has an adorable smudge on her nose.  I would call her Lily.

Plus – Will has our blessing to adopt one of the kittens.   Will chose our gray kitten – Ash – for us last fall and did a marvelous job. Ash is hilarious and delightful and bossy and curious and a total diva.   We have all fallen in love with the demanding dictator who stalks around our home these days. We don’t own Ash. Ash owns us.

(Ash’s middle name is “Napoleon.” Ash is small for a cat – but wow is she bossy. Seriously – gloriously – delightfully – endearingly bossy. We are truly and forever smitten with this kitten and her HUGE attitude!)

The queen of the universe herself. Sitting on Jason’s desk – right in front of both computer monitors while I type – right where she is NOT supposed to be . . .

It is time for Ash to have a sister and playmate. It will be good for her to have someone else to play with (eventually). But just ONE feline sister. JUST ONE MORE CAT because I refuse to become a crazy cat lady (although some in our household [Jason] assert that ship has sailed . . .)

Just one more kitten because I have other hobbies. I knit. I walk. I embroider. I read. I started painting this spring. I hike.   I do not wish to add zookeeper to the list of hobbies I spend my free time exploring.

We would name her Ember . . .

Our future veterinarian leaves for college this fall – and Jack can’t take any pets with him to live in the dorm. We are capping the McFarland cat quota at 2. Yes – 2 cats. I don’t care how cute the kitten is. Or how heart-meltingly sweet her face is . . . Or how precious her eyes are . . . Or how much you love her . . . Nope – stop looking at me like that – I mean it – we are just getting ONE more kitten!?!?!?!?

(Wish me luck! I think I am going to need it!?!?!?!?!?)

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