Richer with My People

Life is better in community.

I have found that life is more joyful with your sisters and brothers in Christ. That the boring “stuff” is less of a snooze-fest with your people. That the journey is richer with traveling companions.

Almost everything in this life is simply a bit or a whole lot more fun with one’s friends.

Peggy is on it!

Seriously – think of all of the things in this life that are made better by companionship . . .

Waiting – waiting is made so much better with a buddy. Waiting time simply speeds up and my patience increases exponentially when I have a companion or 2 or 9. (Yes – often my waiting buddy is the author of the book I am currently reading – but still – a treasured buddy all the same.)

Serving his Lord and tolerating his annoying pastor/mom/the nutty camera lady all at the same time!  Truly a Jack of all trades . . .

Joy is more joyful and even more awesome when shared with friends!   Think of all of those glorious moments in your life that were made better – more joyful – more blessed – more wonderful because you were able to share them with your people. Baptisms – First Communions – weddings – graduations – birthdays – births – new jobs – retirements – good report cards – new homes – holidays – and sometimes just making it through another week/day/minute.   (I can’t be the only person who has those kinds of days . . . Please – please tell me that I’m not alone in that!?!?!?)

Rod looks like he is questioning the day he signed off on the purchase of my camera . . .

And work – work is made easier – lighter – more joyful – more fun when done in the company of friends. Especially those big – time consuming – daunting tasks we all must face from time to time. I find it is especially wonderful to have a friend or 6 or 7 when faced with those sorts of tasks!

Buddy votes to BAN all GLITTERY clothing and ribbon from the sanctuary for all eternity!

On Thursday evening a few of us (the usual suspects – so very – very – very thankful for them) gathered to spring clean the church and to begin preparing Saint Stephen for Holy Week and Easter. We dusted and vacuumed and removed tape from windows and mopped and cleaned windows and filled Easter eggs with candy and wiped and sanitized and attacked lingering cobwebs and fixed toilets until Saint Stephen sparkled and smelled heavenly. (I love the smell of cleaning solutions . . . Especially the fake citrus-y ones! The fake citrus-y ones are my absolute favorite.)

No cobwebs were left behind!

I haven’t had this much fun cleaning my office is ages! Dusting with someone to chat and chatter with made the task zip by. Taking out the trash with a brother in Christ was a lot of fun! Catching up with some of my church family is always a blessing and serving my Lord at the same time was a double blessing.

Illuminated by the light of the Lord!

Thank you – Marilyn – Barry – Peggy – Buddy – Jason – Jack – and William.   And a very – very – very special thank you to Rod for coming and working with an injured and very sore left shoulder!   Rod cleaned and helped and served with his shoulder in a sling. (Talk about being someone who is willing to serve his Lord with humility and faithfulness . . .)

TWO church president-types plotting . . . I was kinda nervous. But then decided that world peace was likely in the works!

I give thanks for the blessing of companionship and folks who help lighten the load and share the journey and swap stories and chat and chatter and clean and dine and gather on a Thursday night to serve their Christian community and their Lord.

Filling Easter eggs for the annual Easter egg hunt!

Thank you. Thank you – Marilyn. Thank you – Barry. Thank you – Peggy. Thank you – Buddy. Thank you – Rod! Thank you – Jason. Thank you – Jack. Thank you –  William. You make my life richer and you are truly a blessing from our Lord.

So – so – so many Easter eggs!!!!!!

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