Going GREEN!

“May your home always be too small to hold all your friends.” – an Irish Blessing

Everything is turning GREEN glorious – gorgeous – lovely – beautiful – thrilling – joyful – green.   Green – GREEN – Green! The world is turning green – and I am not just talking about the fact that spring officially arrived here in the northern hemisphere yesterday at 11:33 AM EDT. (BUT – my spring and summer loving heart is completely and utterly ecstatic about that too!)

Nope – I am talking about the great and glorious fact that Jefferson County, Kentucky is in the GREEN concerning Covid-19 spread according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC’s data states that Louisville finally made it into the GREEN zone after such a very – Very – VERY long time. In fact – central Kentucky and much of our nation are green – glorious green too.

This is such wonderful news. We have been waiting and Waiting and WAITING to hear this sort of good news.   Oh how we have longed for this sort of good news over the past months/YEARS. Our hearts have cried out to hear good news like this.

(AND YES – I do know this glorious green-ness may not last. I am well aware of the news that there is yet another nasty – rude – mean – annoying – troublesome variant of Covid-19 that is making scientists and epidemiologists and the public health folks nervous. I am neither naive nor clueless – just hopeful – merely clinging to my optimism in a cynical world – folks. . . )

Good news like this needs to be celebrated and toasted and welcomed and lauded and warmly embraced. Good news like this needs to be celebrated with a person’s friends and one’s sisters and brothers in Christ. Goods news like this deserves a party! And that is exactly what we did on Saturday evening at Saint Stephen.

We celebrated. We gave thanks. We dined on delicious delicacies. We delighted. We laughed. Oh how we laughed! We chatted and we chattered.   We were very merry indeed. We gabbed. We ate and snacked and nibbled. We played. We talked and swapped stories and caught up on one another’s lives. We may have even reveled just teeny – tiny bit!

We delighted in the blessing of being a Christian family reunited after being apart and masked for so very – Very – VERY long. We delighted in being able to gather together.   We delighted in one another. We delighted in having something to celebrate and in just simply being TOGETHER!!!!! (Remember back in the olden days – how we would take the blessing of being together for granted? Nuts right!)

We truly gave thanks from the tops of our heads to the tips of our toes!   And it was GLORIOUS and FUN and joyful and maybe just a little teeny – tiny bit silly . . .

And what was the theme of this party to celebrate going green?   Why it was Saint Patrick’s Day – of course!

Saint Patrick is one of the three patron saints of Ireland and he is known all over the world for sharing really – really Good News (and for the color green – shamrocks – and these days Guinness beer and Irish whiskey.)   Okay maybe the last 2 are less about the saint and more about the way folks like to celebrate being Irish or being of Irish descent [waves hand wildly in the air] or having met someone from Ireland once or having an Irish acquaintance or liking the color green [waves hand again] or simply having heard of Ireland or Saint Patrick!

Anyhoo – Saturday at Saint Stephen we celebrated Saint Patrick and going green by wearing lots of green and learning a few fun facts about Saint Patrick and Saint Patrick’s Day and playing some games and eating (of course) and sipping a dram or 2 of Irish whiskey. (It had to be done. We didn’t want to be disrespectful of our Irish ancestors or anyone else’s Irish ancestors for that matter . . .)

We learned our leprechaun names. Mine is Blarney O’Bourbon and Jason’s is Greenie O’Bourbon.   Shockingly/puzzlingly/oddly/strangely – most folks thought that my leprechaun name was “a great fit . . .” Not – sure what folks meant by that?!?!?!?

Buddy Zimmerman absolutely – positively crushed the competition in the Saint Patrick’s Day trivia. Frankly – it was a little painful to watch someone with a GERMAN last name   dominate so thoroughly at the Saint Patrick’s Day trivia – BUT then I remembered that Buddy’s birth certificate name is Forrest. And I had a total ah-ha moment. Anyone named Forrest is destined to shine on a holiday so deeply linked to the color green!

Such concentration . . . They must have been good students!

We tried our luck at a coin toss game. This game . . . FLOPPED like a belly flop off the high-dive at the swimming pool in August. Splat – big fail – bombs away – complete and utter miss – won’t be doing this one EVER again – like that’s all folks. Oh – well – you can’t win them all . . . and it didn’t matter to me.

Thank you – thank you – thank you – thank you – thank you. Jenga saves the day!

The failure of the game likely has to do with the fact that I possess absolutely NO competitive instinct when it comes to ANYTHING remotely sporty or athletic. I don’t get it. I am clueless about this stuff.   I am devoid of that burning desire to win. I approach sporty things expecting to stink at them. I am a born – WHATEVER kinda gal when it comes to sporty things.

The Jenga wizard and the St. Patrick Trivia champ discuss solutions to world peace or gaming strategy.

BUT when it comes to nerdy – intellectual stuff that’s where my killer instinct resides. I wanted to have the best grade point average in the room – the highest class ranking – the best test score. Basketball – snooze-fest . . . Scrabble marathon – sign me up!

She is an engineer – of course she’s good at Jenga!

Perhaps someone else needs to be in charge of the “games”/entertainment next time . . . You know – like someone who doesn’t think a goodtime is Scrabble – knitting – weeding – writing sermons – hiking in the woods – watching grass grow . . .

Amen – sister! Amen!

Thankfully Sean and Wendi brought their jumbo Jenga set and that is ALWAYS a hit and tons of fun to play with a group of folks. Yay – Wendi and Sean for saving the day! Seriously – so – so – so I was so grateful and thankful and happy. Because jumbo Jenga is a blast.

Lots of Lutherans!

The Lutherans had a seriously delightful time celebrating going GREEN and Saint Patrick’s Day and the blessing of friendship and companionship and Christian community.

I wish MY knees did that. She was TOTALLY showing off!

In Christ and with Love –

Pastor Kerri

“May the Good Lord take a liking to you, but not too soon!” – an Irish Blessing

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law bonding. They are both really good at this game!

“May your troubles be as few and as far apart as my grandmother’s teeth!” – an Irish Blessing

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