I Had Been Waiting and WaitING and WAITING

I had been waiting and waiting and waiting.   I had been hoping and dreaming and anticipating and hoping some more. My heart was filled with a deep longing for this moment. I was a bit like a kid waiting for Christmas or the first day of summer break.

I was waiting for an incredibly – gloriously important event.   But I wasn’t waiting for a date on the calendar. I didn’t even know the exact date I was waiting for.

Rather – I had been waiting and watching and longing for the very first – really nice – sunny – and warm-ish weekend day of the year. I had been waiting and hoping and longing for that very first Saturday or Sunday when I could spend hour upon hour outside – in the sunshine – without a hat or a coat or mittens or a scarf and still feel perfectly – gloriously comfortable.

I wanted nothing more than to walk and walk and walk in the sunshine without feeling like the cold of winter was sinking deep into my bones.   I wanted to walk until I was tired of walking – not until I was tired of being cold. I get tired of being cold so – so – so much faster than I get tired of walking!

Sunday was the day I had been dreaming of for months now. Sunday was perfectly – perfect. Sunday afternoon was warm. It was NOT raining! Sunday afternoon was SUNNY. There literally wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The sky was so perfectly cloudless and blue that my camera refused to take a picture of it (something to do with the auto-focus . . .)

The only way I was able to capture the incredible blue of the sky was to catch a bird soaring through the unbroken blue.

Winter tends to leave me feeling kinda blaaaahhhh and sleepy.   The gray of winter makes me feel perpetually drowsy. I have been told by some folks this makes them feel cozy and content. That they like this feeling. Well – I do like a nice over-sized sweater and I love to knit BUT this perpetually sleepy feeling simply annoys me. I want to feel AWAKE! I prefer to save cozy for bedtime not mid-day.

I have been yearning to feel wide awake for what feels like months (years – decades – centuries – okay millennia) now!

Finally on Sunday afternoon – I felt so gloriously – vibrantly awake. It was wonderful. Jason and I walked and walked and walked and walked.   And every 2 or 3 minutes I exclaimed over the beauty of the blue sky and the sunshine.

I was in awe of the vividness of the blue. The sun was awesome. And the sound of the wind filled my heart with joy. I adore the sound of wind (especially when it isn’t making me cold)!

It is still very much winter here in Kentucky. The world is still looking winter-ish and a bit monochromatic.

The trees are bare.

The fields are brown.

The flowers have dried up.

But they all look so different surrounded with a brilliant blue sky and under a shining sun!

And there was hope in the air and in my heart on Sunday. The sun is slowly returning to our part of the globe.   Slowly – slowly – slowly. And maybe – just maybe – I will make it through yet another long – dark – night of the soul. I mean winter . . . Yep – that’s right I meant winter!

Have you been exploring lately? Have you been able to get out and about? Have you felt the sun on your face or noticed the robins’ return?   Have you been watching – and listening – and observing?

Exciting things are afoot. . . Or they will be soon . . .

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