Opal Ivy Ash

Why yes that kitten is sleeping in a very expensive nest of hand knit hats . . .

We did not remain a cat-free household for long. The very same weekend Craig went to live with Mimi and Papa – William chose a new kitten for our family to love (and obediently serve).

You see – Craig’s mom – Lexi – had a new litter of 6 adorable kittens needing loving – nurturing homes. And we were in need of a kitten. After all – we had 2 litter boxes and cat toys and dishes and collars and a cat shaped place in all of our hearts that needed filling.

But Jason and I declared there would be rules. We were wiser/jaded. This time the kitten had to be a girl kitten. I read that girl kittens are more content to be housecats.   And this kitten/cat would never – ever – ever know the joys and pleasures of the great outdoors.

In fact – I tell her every single time I leave the house that it is terrifyingly – wretchedly awful out there in the world. That nature is monstrously horrible and I am miserable the entire time I am out under the nasty – ugly – blue sky. I tell her nature isn’t fun and nature will get you if you aren’t very – very careful.

Yes – I am a great big lying liar – but we cannot afford to move someplace more outdoor-cat friendly. (Although I dream of 100 wooded acres and my own greenhouse.) I want/need this cat to be a happy indoor cat!   I do not want to feel like I am holding her hostage for the next 15 or so years of our lives together!?!?!   Even if I am . . .

William chose the only female with a bit of orange on her. She is mostly gray and very fluffy and so very – very soft and cuddly (and just a little bit orange. The orange is very important to Will and therefore to all of us).   Her eyes are quite green. She is tiny with a very loud purr and an even louder meow. She has a huge personality.   She is a very big talker. And wow – is she bossy! She is 3 pounds of fluffy – gray sass. She and I have a lot in common. I too am gray and sassy!

We call her Thunder Kitten for the way she tears around the house when she plays.

And she cuddles and naps on my lap while I work and write and knit.   She does attack my knitting which we are working on. She thinks this a delightfully amusing game. I do not! The yarn is mine I tell her and so are the knitting needles. A few times Jason has had to intervene and separate us because we were arguing so passionately about yarn . . . If she wants yarn – she needs to get a job and buy her own!

It took us a few days to settle on a name. Jack and I suggested Ivy because her eyes are so very – very green. Will wasn’t sold on Ivy. Perhaps because I was suffering horribly from a severe case of poison ivy all over my body at the time and taking big doses of Prednisone in an attempt to get it under control and it was only kinda – sorta working thanks to my autoimmune stuff and my body’s amazing ability to overreact to things it perceives to be dangerous. I suppose I can see how the name Ivy lacked a certain appeal when your mom was constantly declaring that poison ivy was the work of the devil!

I floated the name Opal because she arrived in our family in October and opals are the birthstone for October. Neither of the McFarland sons were sold on Opal but they didn’t hate it either. Perhaps it was a little too old-fashioned for them.

And then Jack suggested Ash.

Opal – Ivy – and Ash made the short list of names.

We decided to think on it for a few days and jokingly called her Opal Ivy Ash because if members of the British Royal Family can have 3 names so can our cat . . .

We gave it 72 hours.

And then – the McFarland sons came to a consensus. Her name is Ash. She is the color of ashes and it works perfectly for girl who we all know will never – ever – ever acknowledge her name anyway. Ash is a cat – after all. Her name is for us. And as the 3 oldest McFarland have all pointed out more than once she can be “a real pain in the . . . ”

Her name truly is perfectly perfect for a sassy – fluff-ball who thunders through the house at 5:00 am meowing as loudly as a tiger!

I would say that Ash is our kitten – but that would be another lie.   We all know she owns us and we are HER people!

PS – If you ever meet Ash – please – please whatever you do don’t tell her how much fun it is to play outside!  What she doesn’t know won’t hurt me?!?!?

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