Twitchy Toes

Jason and I walk outside (almost) every day. It takes some pretty seriously inclement weather to keep us inside and stuck walking on our treadmill in the basement. As in gale force winds and a driving rain.   But rain will do it – because I do not like rain of any sort. And I especially despise walking in the rain – yuck – Yucky – YUCK! (I am seriously inclined to believe that I am part cat.)

We walk because my brain works better after I have moved. I feel so – so much better if I walk a fair amount during the day. Being sedentary is my nemesis.   Being sedentary makes me feel dull and sluggish and just plain blahhhhhhh. I am pretty sure that sitting for an extended period of time lowers my IQ.

So we walk. We walk at lunch time. We walk at 5:05 pm. We walk during Jason’s 15 minute breaks twice a day too.

We walk because we like walking and we always have. Walking together is “our thing.” (As I sit here at my desk typing at 1:26 pm on a sunny Wednesday in October my watch pedometer reads 10,211 steps – because we just finished our lunchtime constitutional.)

For me walking makes almost everything better. I would humbly suggest that our world leaders stop meeting at round tables (or any tables at all) in their expensive suits and start taking a hike together while they work on the world’s problems.   (Jason thinks they should all just take a hike – but he is cynical that way . . . ) Then they might finally get something done. If nothing else – they would be just a little bit healthier!

I crave fresh(er) air. I crave the sky and nature and green and movement.

I can get these great and glorious things by walking in our neighborhood (sort of). I can get by with trips out my front door and I do. But what my nature loving heart and soul really and truly long for are the “good stuff.” Sometimes I just need more than what our (rather boring) suburban neighborhood has to offer.

I need honest to goodness nature! I need trees! I am a huge fan of TREES!!! I need to look at really and truly intriguing things. Thankfully Jason is always happy to oblige this particular request (obsession) of mine. In fact – all I ever have to say is I need trees and trails and nature and my beloved responds – “where and when . . . ”

And so – this weekend – Jason and I headed for some nature and trees.

We spent a few hours walking amongst the trees. I gazed at the sky and admired the way the light was streaming through the trees. We watched birds soar in the bright blue sky.

We took in the changing colors (but I will always very – very stubbornly assert that green leaves are the best and loveliest of all).

We took note of how busy the bees are right now. The bees seem to be quite hard at work these days.

We gloried in a stunning field of wildflowers. It was truly ablaze with color. Pink – purple – fuchsia – white – yellow – orange. It was dazzling! My wildflower loving heart did lots of oohing and aahing.

We were only gone 4 or so hours. We didn’t walk that far or for that long – but it was good for my soul.   I felt lighter – refreshed – happier – more joyful – more centered – more blessed and just plain good.

Nature and trees are my happy place. Walking and hiking fill my heart with joy and peace.

I give thanks for these gifts – for these moments away – for these times that refresh my soul.

What about you? What fills you with joy? What do you enjoy? What delights you? What is “your thing?”

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