I have long been intrigued by light and shadows and the dance they do together on a sunny day. For that interplay of light and darkness.

I have been known to play with shadows for embarrassingly long periods of time.

I am always on the lookout for a good shadow. For that unique outline. For that eye-catching shape. For the interesting change of perspective. For the opportunity to see something with fresh eyes.

Fuzzy shadows . . . Sharply defined shadows . . . Wide shadows . . . Long – lean shadows . . . They all spark my imagination.

And I find great shadows in the most surprises places. While pumping gas. While folding bulletins. I spotted a cool shadow just yesterday while having blood drawn at the lab. (Seriously – not kidding – and it was a nice distraction.)

I remember “taking my shadow for a walk” when I was just a little kid. I was mesmerized by how tall my shadow could become when I was still so small!   I loved how tall my shadow-self was. It was fun pretending to be a great – big giant. (Actually – it still is fun to pretend to be a great – big giant!)

Some of the very best spots in my world these days for spotting seriously impressive shadows are the Saint Stephen narthex and sanctuary on a sunny day. (I know that our church windows can be pretty annoying when the white-hot burning sun is blinding you during worship on Sunday mornings. I have seen your anguish and your genuflections   and your sunglasses!) But – on the upside – the shadows in there will knock your socks off! Seriously – sometimes there are shadows combined with dancing rainbows caused by the prisms in our church windows. AMAZING!!!

The shadows in our sanctuary and narthex move and dance beautifully. The interplay of light and darkness is dazzling and delightful!

As fall settles in around us – our world is changing. The light is shifting. The shadows are lengthening and becoming much more prominent.

Can you take a quiet moment to watch? To observe? To stand in awe? Simply to be impressed?

I am trying to remember to watch and to wonder and to take the time to seek beauty.

You are all in my heart – thoughts and prayers.

In Christ and with Love –

Pastor Kerri

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