93 Days, 15 Hours, and 49 minutes

Summer 2021 is over. This summer flew past in a blur of marigolds and black-eyed Susans and hibiscus blossoms.   It flew by in a whirl of a laughing little boy jumping on his trampoline and riding his scooter and swinging on his swing set and talking to me about how much he loves planes and ships. And a frolicking orange kitten chasing fireflies and many – many trips to the zoo and walks with my beloved.

I tried to slow it down. To stop and smell the roses and the lavender and the freshly mown lawn.   To delight in the blue skies and the way the hot sun felt on my shoulders. I tried to remember to give thanks for the deliciously long days when the sun rose early and didn’t set until our sweet Will’s bedtime.

I tried to remember to sit outside under the shade of my oak tree with my knitting and a good book as often as I could.

I tried to remember to linger outside in the summer air. To take it all in. To watch the white clouds dancing across the vividly blue skies.   To listen to the cicadas’ noisy chatter. To watch the bumble bees busily working and the ants too.

I made time for trips to the river. And I even took a moment now and then to watch the heat radiating off the pavement.

I wanted to appreciate all of it. To soak the blessings of summer in. Because summer does not last.

Summer is so fleeting. And I love summer so. But sadly summer is here and gone so quickly every year.

Today is the first day of fall.

It feels like summer is over. It feels like the first day of fall. Everyone (except Jason) at our house is bundled up in a sweatshirt today.   Jason won’t need long sleeves until late November and only then if he is outside.

It is rainy and gray and cool.

Fall arrived today, Wednesday, September 22, 2021 at 3:21 pm and I am trying really – really hard not to be too disappointed.

But I am a summer person. Summer is glorious and amazing and balm for my soul. Summer is vivid – riotous color and baking heat and sunshine.   Summer means growing things and 8,000 shades of green!

I am always just a bit surprised when folks complain about the heat of summer – because I love it so very much. In fact when people complain about the heat of summer I always – always think to myself – “Seriously?!?! January is coming.”

As I sat at my desk today – dressed for fall – listening to the rain fall outside – I lamented the end of summer. Spring 2022 is 6 whole months away . . . 186 days . . .

That is a lot of time. I will have plenty of time to tell my beloved family just how much I abhor winter and dislike fall because it is so close to winter . . .

So today I will close my eyes and remember and reflect and give thanks for my favorite season. I will give thanks for the blessings of the summer of 2021.

I will give thanks for the sun on my shoulders.

I will give thanks for vividly blue skies.

I will give thanks for sons jumping on trampolines.

I will give thanks for walks with my beloved.

I will give thanks for noisy cicadas – so noisy sometimes the sound almost hurt my ears.

and for flowers

and for bees

and for butterflies

and for afternoons spent reading under my favorite tree

and for a funny orange kitten

and for late sunsets and early sunrises

and for green grass and gardens and the heat that I love so . . .

I will give thanks for my favorite season – for all of its blessings – for all that it held. I will try to remember that fall is some folks’ favorite season. And if nothing else I will remember that spring is just 186 days away . . . (and it is supposed to be 81 degrees and sunny on Monday!)


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