Trendy Again after Only 504 Years!

Thrifting is seriously trendy these days. I know this because I live with a teenager and he attempts to keep his painfully uncool/untrendy/unhip mom in the loop.   Jack tries and so do I (seriously – I try in my own uncool/untrendy/unhip way). But I was never – ever cool. I was far – far too busy reading and learning to knit and hiking and debating theology to ever be cool (and yes – I did ALL of these things as a teenager too).

Jack loves thrifting. He has been busily building and curating an impressive vintage t-shirt collection recently. His sweatshirt collection isn’t too shabby either. Who knew that the “old man jackets” my grandpas wore when I was a kid are actually fashionable these days?

Because I love Jack and I delight in learning about new things – I have been thrifting with him. Plus – thrifting is so much better for the planet. (Fast fashion is bad – very – very – very bad for our planet – just sayin’/preachin’ . . . says the clergy person.) I am all about the tree hugging and the recycling and reduced consumption so thrifting was always going to be right up my alley!

It feels like I have been to most of the Goodwill stores in Louisville during the last 18 months. I have made trips to the vintage stores in the Highlands and Deer Park. And yes – I am the old lady knitting while shopping at Vintage Vibe who is raising the age demographic by a solid 30 years.   But they are pretty welcoming to the elderly and infirm!

I have had sad – even deeply painful moments in the Vintage Vibe though. Who knew that the clothing I wore in high school had gone from just painfully out-of-style to vintage?!?   That realization hurt A LOT. I think I preferred it when the ensembles I wore in high school were laughably uncool rather than . . . Vintage! I have become VINTAGE!!! Sigh – really – really huge SIGH! Okay – moving on . . .

Anyway – thrifting is hot right now. Thrifting is cool and trendy and the thing to do with many of the cool kids (not just my beloved cool kid). And that is exactly what happened at Saint Stephen on Saturday morning!   Yes – some Lutherans actually were cool. We were trendy. We were happening and on point (for a few hours at least!) We were with it! And you thought it had been over 500 years since we Lutherans had been cool and trendy. . .

Saint Stephen hosted our annual church yard sale on Saturday morning.   Both the Fellowship Hall and the Courtyard Room were filled with vintage treasures (and no I am not talking about the Lutherans themselves this time!) Although our Lord does tell us again and again in scripture that he treasures us all . . .

We had table after table after table of truly tremendously terrific treasures seeking new homes.

And such an amazing variety of treasures there were. There were pictures of flowers – flower pots – cooking pots – foot rests – blaze orange hunting gear – puzzles – puzzling things I pondered – and so many other things that truly boggled the mind. The inventiveness of humanity is both intriguing and somehow shocking at the same time as one wanders a fully stocked yard sale . . .

Multi-generational shopping! Seriously awesome . . . See I told you that the cool kids were doing it!

I wonder – do “spiralated” vegetables really taste better? That particular kitchen gadget looked complicated enough to take you to the moon and back. But hey – it also turns your boring zucchini into a nifty noodle! It looked fun – but I just kept walking. I am not much of an engineer and Pat and Cheryl live all the way on the other side of town if I needed an in-person engineering consultation while attempting to spiralate my zucchini. (I did consider it as a wedding gift for Kenna and Ty – but they might not be into fancy veggies . . .)

This is probably when Kenna saw me eyeing the spiralator for her wedding gift . . .

I eyed the bright blaze orange hunting gear. (Not because I plan on hunting.) But orange is Will’s favorite color in the whole wide world and orange always catches my eye. But it was just about 10 years too big for Will – so I kept walking. Besides we already have a whole set of blaze orange hunting gear around the McFarland house somewhere leftover from our years in Minnesota.

Working on world peace. These 2 are always up to something!

There were so many pretty sets of punch bowls with cups. I really seriously considered a set or 3 of those.   But – I don’t drink much punch.   I am an introvert who rarely (okay never) entertains in my home – but they were just so lovely. Then I thought of the look on Jason’s face when I carried a punch bowl and 12 cups through our front door and I just kept right on walking. Jason loves me and is an amazing guy – but he does have this “seriously?!?” look he gives some of my “great ideas.” I just knew a punch bowl and cups would earn me one of those looks. . . I decided to save my next “seriously” look for another day. . .

Happy Lutherans!

But finally – I found exactly – the perfectly – perfect item – flower pots. As Jack said – “these are so you – Mom” while he hefted the massively heavy pots onto our front porch for me. And he was right. Great big – awesome flower pots are so me. I shall fill them with bright yellow mums this fall and little evergreen trees this winter and orange marigolds next summer. Flower pots – PERFECT! I love growing things. I love watering pots of flowers. And I love a seriously substantial flower pot – SCORE!

Again proof – there are cool – trendy – awesome Lutherans!

Saturday was wonderful. We thrifted. We yard saled. We sought and sold treasures galore.

Peggy worked hard to move the treasures!

We chatted and smiled and chattered and visited and enjoyed being together behind our masks – because we wanted to protect one another from Covid-19.

I had to chase Buddy down to get his picture. He was a blur in a gingham mask all morning!

Some of us worked really hard (Rod and Buddy were perpetual motion machines). Matt and Lori were rather busy too working the cash register and greeting all of our shoppers and guests.

The numbers people!  I can’t believe Matt sat still this long . . . it seems like Matt is always on the move!

Saturday was good for us. In a year that has been filled with so many disappointments and discouragements and things that have been downright depressing – Saturday was just plain nifty noodle!

Catching his breath and clearly wondering why he ever voted to let me have a camera and a blog!

Thank you to everyone who helped make the yard sale possible.   Thank you for your treasures.   Thank you for purchasing treasures.   Thank you for the amazing gift of your time setting up the yard sale and especially to those folks who have been helping us with the clean up from the yard sale. There have been sooooo many boxes to fill and take to Good Will this week.

Thank you and let’s do it again sometime – but just not too soon!

Truly this says it all – We did it and we had a blast!

You are all in my heart – thoughts – and prayers.

In Christ and with Love –

Pastor Kerri




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