An Orange Blur in our Garden!

Will’s favorite color in the whole wide world is orange. The littlest McFarland has loved the color orange with a deep and abiding passion since he was old enough to make his preferences known. His shoes are orange. Will’s winter coats and hats are orange. He prefers the orange Starburst candy and the orange Skittles too. His favorite clothing is orange. Will’s school backpack is orange. The quilt on Will’s bed is orange. Will’s favorite planet is Jupiter because it looks orange from Earth.   Will loves pumpkins because they are orange. Will truly cannot understand why Jack would ever get one of those white pumpkins from the pumpkin patch!

Red shoes (we couldn’t find orange) – orange coat – and an orange – red and yellow hat to tie the whole ensemble together!

Will’s eyes are hazel just like his dad’s – but when Will was little he absolutely insisted he had ORANGE eyes (sorta creepy – but he was insistent)!

Will always picks the orange crayon – the orange marker – the orange play dough and the orange water bottle.

When Jason and I see orange we immediately think of our youngest son. Orange is Will’s signature color.

Note the orange shirt . . .

Will also loves cats. Some people are dog people. Some people are cat people (Some people are just not pet people at all). William McFarland is a hardcore cat person.   Will is drawn to cats and they are drawn to him. Jason’s dad (Will’s beloved Papa) and Jason’s Uncle Tom are also cat people. Cats simply love both Bob and Tom. Cats adopt them. It seems Will has inherited this tendency.

Will has been asking for a cat for quite some time – but not just any cat. Nope – Will wanted an orange cat (of course). Will wanted a very orange cat. This summer Will found his very orange cat/kitten while he was visiting his Mimi and Papa.

After many – many painfully/annoyingly cute pictures of Will snuggling the adorable orange kitten – and pleas from our sister-in-law and brother-in-law to give the poor homeless kitty a loving home – Jason and I caved.   (The pictures really were adorable.   Will knows how to turn on the charm when he wants to . . . )

Meet Craig the Kitten. Craig is adorable and hilarious and inquisitive and so – so – so very busy and mischievous.

Craig is great company when I am working in the flower beds and in the garden. He stalks ants and fireflies. He plays ball which I didn’t know cats did. He crashes through the hostas and the tomato plants. Last evening he even explored Jason’s ghost pepper plants which I promptly warned him about. Ghost peppers are so HOT = so – so – so HOT I warned him. I hope he listens – but ripe ghost peppers are orange and deceptively pretty . . .

Craig is particularly fond of my miniature sunflowers. And I have to agree with Craig – those miniature sunflowers are adorable and ever so slightly enchanting!

Will does not have orange eyes – but his kitten most certainly does!

I am not really a cat person. But I am definitely a Craig the kitten person! After all – he talks almost as much as I do and he loves to hang out in the garden and yard.

Craig and I are working on the whole kitten/cat and yarn thing though , , ,

We are enjoying Will’s kitten. He is very cute indeed!



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  1. OMGoodness. This is a fantastic blog! You’re a very talented and insightful writer. That William is such a joy to be around and we love his escapades,. The stories and general conversations we get to have with him every summer are a highlight of ours. His Kitty, Craig is hilarious and precocious. Glad you’re enjoying him🧡

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