Seeking the Silver Lining on a Gray Day

I try to live my life looking for the positive in things. I really do. I find feels so much more joyful and blessed when I look for the positive in even the smallest moments in my life.

Life is more fun with when I look for the positive.

This choosing the positive is often a conscious decision for me.   But each time I choose to seek the good and the positive and the delightful in a situation – the easier it gets the next time. Practice does makes things easier. For me – positivity is a skill I am working on each and every day of my life.

Wednesday afternoon when I headed to the bus stop to wait for the littlest McFarland – it wasn’t raining cats and dogs. It was raining Kentucky Derby horses. The rain was coming down in sheets.

Will does not like getting wet from the rain. I am not a big fan of getting wet from the rain either.   But – rather than focus on the fact that my jeans were getting wet from all of the rain – I shifted my focus. I decided I didn’t want to be “that kind of person” yesterday afternoon. I didn’t want to be negative and grumpy and focused on myself when I met my child after his busy day of school. Actually – I never want to be “that kind of person” even though it sometimes happens.

So – I chose the positive. I chose to seek the good and the positive and the delightful and the beautiful even while standing in the pouring rain on a gray Wednesday afternoon.

I quickly noticed there is a lot to be intrigued by and delighted in while standing at a bus stop in the pouring rain. Seriously – I am not kidding or exaggerating.

I noticed the sound of the rain pounding like a drum on my umbrella.   It was intriguing. And I wouldn’t have noticed that amazing sound if I had been whining and complaining to myself about how much I dislike the rain.

I watched the rain slip off my umbrella and I watched the way some of the drops dripped off the umbrella. Individual rain drops are gorgeous.

I delighted in the way the splashing rain drops made pretty circular splashes in the puddles at my feet. I smiled a huge smile as I remembered jumping in mud puddles with both of the McFarland sons when they were little guys. (And yes – I did jump right into the puddles with them.   Puddle jumping is tons of fun!)

I noticed with a smile that the Amazon delivery man carefully slowed down so that he didn’t splash me as he drove by. That was very nice of him. (Thankfully I NOTICED the UPS man in his big brown truck because he almost drove over me and my umbrella as I jumped into our neighbors’ yard . . . The positive in this was that UPS trucks are very loud and I heard him coming and had plenty of time to jump into Mary and Brian’s yard!)

Yes – everything was wet and soggy. Even I was a bit wet and soggy around the edges in spite of my trusty polka dotted umbrella – but by the time my sweet little guy’s bus came driving down our street I had a smile on my face and joy in my heart.

Seeking the positive doesn’t have to come naturally to you for you to decide to do it. Seeking the positive doesn’t need to happen on a day that is lovely – it was pouring outside. Seeking the positive doesn’t have to happen when you feel great – I wasn’t. Seeking the positive is a choice you can make. It is a practice – a skill that can be grown and refined. I keep trying and trying and working on this one!

Try it. Try seeking the good and the lovely and the beautiful. Try challenging yourself. Trying stretching a bit. Walk into a room and see the beauty instead of the dust. Wait in line and see how hard the clerk is working instead focusing how put out you feel about having to wait. Graciously socially distance and wear your mask and give thanks that someone cares enough about you to try to keep you safe.  Stand in the rain and watch the world around you transform.

Look for the good. Seek the blessings and the positive. You might just find yourself doing it more often just for fun!

You are all in my heart – thoughts – and prayers.

In Christ –

Pastor Kerri

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