It Hadn’t Happened in 120 Years!

I knew the weather was going to take a winter-y turn this week.   Even without the wise counsel of the Weather Channel folks you could feel the change was coming on Tuesday evening.   As Jason and I took our Tuesday evening walk the wind felt cooler – much cooler.   “Bummer” I thought – “but it happens . . .”

I watch the weather this time of year, because I have three huge beloved hibiscus plants I have over-wintered and babied for years now.   They are truly part of our family!   Jack has been graciously moving/lugging them in and out of the house for me for weeks now depending on the weather forecast.

Thanks to Jack my precious hibiscus plants spent a cozy night all nestled up in our dining room safe and sound from the nippy weather outside.

But – I somehow missed the forecast for snow. SNOW in April flew right by me with a zoom and a whoosh.   It was probably just a simple case of denial. I likely read there was a chance for snow but just refused to log that possibility into my brain. I did this because I did not want it to happen.   Snow in April – NO THANK YOU.

I moved away from northern Minnesota years ago.   There winters are fierce and go on FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER. To live up North you really do need a touch of anti-freeze running through your veins! In Minnesota snow in any month other than August felt like part of life. But I live in Kentucky now. In Kentucky our winters are gloriously short and wimpy in comparison and I love it that way. Snow should NOT happen in April here in the beautiful Bluegrass state.

But SNOW did happen. Actually quite a bit of snow happened. According the weather folks we received a whopping 1.8 inches of snow in Louisville between Monday evening and Tuesday morning breaking a record previously set in 1901!!! 1901 I tell you and so did the Louisville Courier Journal.

Wednesday morning as I descended the stairs my brain said to me – SNOW?!?!? Snow in APRIL?!?!? But it was 5:00 am and still quite dark outside so I thought “No way – Kerri – you just need coffee.” Well I did need coffee – but even fortified with coffee the snow was still there. . .

After some coffee – I decided to embrace the snow for a bit.   I went exploring. I wanted to see what there was to see. I like to do this. I like to explore. I like to go slowly. I like to listen and look and simply see what there is to see with an open mind and an open heart. I think we would ALL benefit from going slowly and noticing more and appreciating more and being more present in the moment.

Wow – did the world look different. I quickly noticed that April snow looks very – very different from the snow that falls in the winter. April snow is HEAVY! April snow has serious heft to it. April snow weighs everything down. The world looked saggy and soggy.

I also noticed how color was peaking out everywhere. Little – bright bursts of color popped out of the snow.   I found those bursts of color absolutely enchanting.

The snow stripped the pretty – puffy dandelions of their seeds.   Just the night before many of the dandelions had such lovely – fluffy halos but now their halos were gone.

When I first headed outside sky looked heavy too. But the longer I was outside – the brighter and brighter and bluer and bluer the sky became. I enjoyed watching the sky go from this . . .

to this!

I am not a winter person. I am not a snow person. I don’t find cold exhilarating or all that fun. But I was delighted and enchanted when I headed outside on Wednesday morning into the snow and the cold.

We can learn and see and experience so much if we simply allow ourselves to try different experiences and new things. We can see beauty in unexpected places. We can grow from trying something different.

I encourage you to explore – to go slowly. To look at your own world with new eyes. It is important that you head out with eyes that are uncritical. Don’t see problems and mistakes and weeds and bad stuff. Look for beauty. Look for what intrigues you.   What sparks your imagination?   What inspires you? What makes you pause and look just a moment longer?

God’s world is waiting. Get out there and explore! You will be blessed – especially if you are brave enough to go with a slightly more open mind and open heart . . .

In Christ and with Love –

Pastor Kerri


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