Lavender is Not My Favorite Color . . .

I am fascinated by the multitude of greens in this picture.

As I have said many times before my favorite color is green. I love the color green. Green in all of its various hues – shades – tints and tones delights and amazes me.

But honestly – color (all color) just simply fascinates and intrigues me.

I find it so interesting why we choose to surround ourselves with the colors we do.   Why we wear some colors but never – ever – ever other colors.   Why some folks wear every color in the rainbow and others go for the monochrome look.

If you want to entertain yourself when you are out and about sometime – put your phone down for a bit and “people watch.” Notice the colors. Is there any orange or bright neon pink in the room? How about gray – khaki and black? What is the estimated ratio of monochrome colors to bolder – brighter colors? How does your brain react when it sees the orange or that bold pink? Were you drawn to that neon yellow or did you recoil just a bit? How about pastels? Do you like pastel colors?   Do you wish in your heart-of-hearts that you were brave enough to leave the house wearing a rainbow of color?   Or does wearing gray feel like you are cutting loose and going wild?

These are currently my favorite jeans. Just look at all of that glorious GREEN!

I am intrigued by other people’s favorite colors. Just this week I was visiting with Ms. Rylee F..   While we were catching up on life, she informed me that her very favorite color in the whole wide world is lavender. Lavender . . .

Lavender isn’t a color I tend to be drawn to. Generally – I am not someone who particularly likes pastel colors. I tend to go for bolder – brighter – zingier colors. But – the way Rylee’s eyes sparkled with delight and the smile that spread across her face when she just thought of the color lavender filled my heart with joy too.   Rylee’s love for her favorite color is contagious! Rylee reminded me that lavender is indeed a very wonderful color.

These beauties belong to our delightful neighbor Henrietta.

In college I wrote several papers on the meaning and symbolic use of color. So – when I got home on Thursday afternoon – I hurried to the computer and did a bit of research on the meaning of the color lavender and what lavender tends to symbolize. I simply love research and reading and learning.   (Why yes – I am a nerdy nerd and deeply proud of it.)

Lavender symbolizes tranquility and springtime. Lavender also symbolizes renewal and rebirth.   The color lavender has strong ties to Christianity and has been used for centuries in Easter celebrations. Cool – right?!?

The tree in our backyard . . .

Lavender . . . Lavender has been on my brain ever since my conversation with Rylee. Rylee is correct and wise! Lavender is a truly amazingly delightful color – a color I have been overlooking and neglecting for far too long.

Since chatting with Ms. Rylee F. about what a glorious color lavender is I have been noticing lavender and the multitude of different shades and hues of lavender there are in my world. I have been noticing how lavender shifts into purple – sometimes in the very same flower. I have been delighted and blessed to see lavender and purple all around me this weekend. The springtime world is absolutely bursting forth with lavender and purple and all sorts of in-between shades and hues.

These iris grow outside Will’s elementary school.

Take a walk or when you are out and about running errands look around.   Look for lavender and purple.   Where do you see lavender and purple in your world? Can you allow someone else’s favorite color to delight and inspire you? It doesn’t have to become your favorite color for you to appreciate something.

I have noticed that so often – we only see the world from our own limited perspective. We close our hearts and our minds to other folks’ perspectives and understandings of the world. We reject what we do not like or prefer and call it wrong (or even worse).

I encourage you to try to see the world from a different perspective.   To try to learn from someone else.   To shift your view of things a bit.   To look at things differently now and again. Try seeing beauty in a color you never really liked. Try a food you have never eaten (be adventurous)! Listen to a different opinion – don’t judge – just listen . . .   Listen to new music with an open mind (your children’s music or your grandchildren’s music – perhaps). Watch a movie that you have never seen before. Pat Markley tells me that EVERYONE needs to see “Harvey” starring Jimmy Stewart at least once in a lifetime and Marilyn Mills wholeheartedly agrees.

Try seeing the world from a different perspective. You might just learn something. You might grow. You will likely be blessed. You might be delighted and surprised. You might find yourself smiling unexpectedly and even giving our Lord thanks for the adventure we call this earthly life. . .

Thank you Rylee for this wonderful blessing. Thank you for opening my eyes and my heart to something new.   Thank you for helping me see the world in a different way! Thank you for shifting my perspective and for teaching me. Thank you for the adventure I have been on this weekend.   I have had so much fun looking for your favorite color and delighting in how beautiful lavender is!

Thank you for blessing me. I am wiser and far more blessed for knowing you – Rylee.

Today I give thanks for Rylee and for lavender and for learning!

You are all in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.

In Christ and with Love –

Pastor Kerri

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