Yellow! Glorious – Amazing – Awesome – Delightful – Yellow!

I love color. I have long been fascinated by color.

My favorite color is green.   I am enchanted by the color green and all of its various shades and hues.   Green is also Jason and Jack’s favorite color.

Will is the outlier in our family. Will’s favorite color is orange. He has loved orange since he was old enough to express his opinion and Will has been expressing his opinions since he was a tiny guy! Will delights in telling people that he has taught his family to love and appreciate the color orange. This is true. Before Will and his passion for all things orange – I had very little appreciation for the color orange.   Now I appreciate orange and can see its beauty.

Orange will never be my favorite color. Orange is a bit too “something” for me (bold – bright – shocking – startling – orange) – but orange is a lovely color. I give thanks that my youngest son has opened my eyes to the beauty of the color orange.

But the color I have been obsessed with lately has been yellow!   Yes – yellow. Yellow has been on my mind for weeks now. Actually the color yellow has been on my mind for months.

Yellow has been my goal and aspiration. Yellow – yellow – yellow!

I have been thinking about yellow. I have been talking about yellow. I have been searching and seeking for the color yellow on maps of Kentucky. I have been praying about yellow!

Jason and I gave each other daily updates on how close we were to yellow and then celebrated joyfully when we finally achieved YELLOW – glorious – amazing – delightful – blessed – YELLOW.

Now we update each other on how yellow the yellow is!

I am – of course – talking about the Covid-19 color coding warning system for counties. Red – orange – Yellow and GREEN.

The Saint Stephen church council decided that after Jefferson County had returned to the Yellow category and stayed there for 3 weeks we can return to in-person worship.

Well – let the countdown clocks and calendars start – because Jefferson County, Kentucky is finally in the YELLOW. Whoo-hoo! Hallelujah!   Yippee! Finally!

We will plan/hope/pray to return to in-person worship at Saint Stephen at 10:00 am on Sunday, May 2nd.

(Jefferson County is barely in the yellow as I write this.)

We will still be social distancing and wearing our masks. The Saint Stephen church council and I are adamant about being wise stewards of our health and the health of everyone in our community.

I look forward to seeing you in person – from a safe social distance – on Sunday, May 2nd!

We will continue to provide on-line worship for our sisters and brothers in Christ who prefer to worship in this manner.

You are all in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.

In Christ –

Pastor Kerri

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