A Tremendously Terrific Tower of TP

Last Saturday Saint Stephen hosted a time to drop off much needed donations for the Fern Creek/Highview United Ministries Food Pantry.

Will and I set off for the church bright and early on Saturday morning.   We wanted/needed to get to church early enough to warm up the narthex before the wonderful Lutherans began to arrive to drop off their donations for FCHUM. (And it takes forever and 6 months to warm up the narthex – even this time of year . . . )

We also left early because we were both rather excited. Lutherans – other than Rod, Buddy, and Cheryl – might be stopping by Saint Stephen. This was very exciting indeed. Of course – seeing Rod, Buddy, and Cheryl is always delightful and tremendously exciting too. But maybe – just maybe we could see them and even more of our sisters and brothers in Christ.

All of your donations boxed – bagged – and sorted.

One of the hazards/bonuses/incredibly glorious blessings of being a pastor’s kid is all of the extra time one gets to spend hanging out at church. Even before the pandemic Jack and Will spent far more than an hour or two at church each week.

Now – NTI has meant Will is my devoted sidekick/pastoral assistant.  Will is wonderful company and thankfully he loves being at church. If I go to Saint Stephen – he expects to go too. In fact – he is downright insulted if I leave him at home.

By the time 9:00 AM rolled around Will and I were ready and eagerly awaiting the arrival of our sisters and brothers in Christ and donations for FCHUM. The lights were on. The furnace was pumping out hot air and our masks were firmly in place.

And almost immediately the Lutherans began to arrive in their cars and trucks and SUVs. They came wearing their masks and bearing what turned into a tower of toilet paper.   (And – yes I did build a tower out of the toilet paper. Doesn’t everyone?!?)

Barefoot 8 year old added for scale! See I told you he was comfortable at church . . .

The Lutherans brought toothpaste and tuna. They donated macaroni and cheese and pasta of all kinds!   There were bottles shampoo and bars of soap. There was a bounty of boxes and bundles and bags.  The narthex quickly filled with your amazingly wonderful donations for our neighbors!

Almost 30 generous Lutherans stopped by on Saturday morning to deliver donations for the Fern Creek/Highview United Ministries Food Pantry!!!

I had hoped/planned to take lots of pictures – but I was simply having way too much fun talking to everyone to remember to take any pictures.

On Saturday we collected 482 rolls of TP and 16 rolls of paper towel!!!

We collected 104 diapers – 46 tubes of toothpaste – 26 toothbrushes – 16 sticks of deodorant – 75 bars of soap – 37 bottles of shampoo – 12 bottles of dish soap – and 5 bottles of laundry detergent.

My car’s trunk was very full. One of the reason’s we bought this model was because it had the largest capacity trunk of all of the cars this size!

We gathered 47 boxes of macaroni and cheese – 10 boxes of cereal – 31 cans of tuna or chicken – 25 cans of pasta – 16 cans of soup – 12 jars of peanut butter – and 25 cans of fruits and vegetables.

We collected so many donations for FCHUM that Will and I could not deliver all of them on Monday afternoon. We will need to make a second and perhaps even third trip on Tuesday to finish the task!  But we are NOT complaining.  This is an incredibly awesome “problem” to have!

Thank you! Thank you for sharing your blessings with your neighbors. Thank you for your generosity.

You are in my heart – thoughts – and prayers.

In Christ –

Pastor Kerri

Will and I still need to deliver this to FCHUM on Tuesday. Nicely done – Lutherans – very nicely done!

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