Digging Deep and Finding Just What We Needed!

Last Monday morning we woke to heavy – gray skies.  It looked so very – very Monday-ish outside.  It was sort of like the sky knew the long – relaxing  holiday weekend was over and it was time for all of us to head back to work and school.

Blahhhhh!  I thought as I made my morning coffee.  BlahhHH!  I thought as I drank my coffee.  Boo – hiss!  I thought as I drank my second cup of coffee.  Yuck!  (It sounded seriously grumpy in my brain last Monday morning!)

The family consensus was the gray skies were conspiring to make us sleepy and shockingly unmotivated.  We were all feeling slothful, sleepy, and sluggish.   There was very little zip in any of the McFarlands or pep in our steps!

But at the appointed start time McFarland-4 dug deep and got to work.  We do thrive on routine at our house!  Will started in on his reading and Jack went to his first virtual class of the day.  Jason and I got to work too.  This was going to be a busy week for us no matter what color those skies were outside or how un-zippy we were feeling. 

And then – as Will and I sat at the dining room table working away – the most exciting thing started to happen.  Will noticed the heavy gray sky wasn’t drip-dropping rain anymore.  It was snowing!  The first snow of this winter-y season was falling outside (and yes – I know it is technically still late fall). 

Great big – gorgeous – sloppy – wet white blobs of snow were falling from the gray sky.  Now the sky didn’t look blahhh – it looked beautiful!  Absolutely – positively beautiful!  Gradually it started to snow more and more until – it was really and truly SNOWING!

Soon the landscape was transformed into a winter wonderland.  And we were transformed too!  Suddenly it felt so cozy to be all snuggled up in the house working away together as the snow fell outside.  We felt like cozy companions and not grumpy grouches!

After our work was done we headed outside to explore and to enjoy the falling snow.  It was really so lovely.  The world around us looked so different blanketed in snow.

It sounded different too!  It always amazes me how snow makes the world quieter somehow.  I love the hush that falling snow brings to the world around us. 

After exploring there was hot chocolate with a ridiculous amount of marshmallows for some of us and hot tea for others of us.

In the end – we had an absolutely gloriously beautiful start to our week!

I still think I prefer summer flowers and green leaves dancing in the hot breeze.  But the white snow drifting slowly from the winter-y sky was awfully pretty too. 

I was reminded of God’s presence in the gentle silence of the falling snow and the beauty all around us.

Where are you seeing God’s presence in your lives these days?  How is God making himself known to you?

You are all in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.

In Christ and with Love –

Pastor Kerri

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