Rainbows, stars, and blessings

Life can be incredibly interesting for a knitter sometimes.  People don’t always “see” you quietly sitting there in your favorite chair in the corner knitting away.  Folks will occasionally just forget that you are in the house or even in the room.  

This very thing happened just this week at our house.  And I heard the most amazing snippets of conversations shared between the people I love most in this world.  Some of them were fun and funny.  Jokes being swapped and funny stories being shared.  Some of them were sweet.  Christmas carols being sung.  Sometimes slightly (tremendously) off-key with an intriguing interpretation of the “standard” lyrics.  Other times the singers totally nailed it!  Sometimes the conversations were kind and loving and other times the conversations were snotty and mean!  Sometimes the pleases and thank-yous flowed and other times – not so much.  In other words – we were a family being a family . . .

I enjoyed letting the conversation flow around me as I read and knit.  

And then I heard a conversation between my favorite 7 year old (Will) and his two pre-teen cousins.  For some reason as they were finishing up decorating our family Christmas tree – they started talking about what an AWFUL year 2020 had been . . . for THEM . . .

They sounded like three old men at the local diner complaining about what the world was coming too these days.  

I listened for a bit.  I was curious about their perspective on things.  But eventually I decided my littlest guy needed a gentle reminder of his abundant blessings.  He needed some perspective.  

In spite of Covid-19 – our family is incredibly – wildly and wonderfully blessed by our Lord.  My sweet boy has had a pretty great year.  Of course 2020 has been different for him and for all of us.  We have made sacrifices and changes.  We have needed to wait on some things – but it would be seriously inaccurate for us to call it awful!  

And just as I was getting up to bring some “annoying Pastor Kerri perspective” to the conversation – I heard Jack ask his little brother – “Will has YOUR 2020 really been that awful?  Really?”  

I actually laughed out loud.  It seems my brainwashing techniques are working on Jack anyway . . . 

It is really easy to get wrapped up in the drama of the media coverage and the catastrophic perspective that seems to be in the air these days.  It is easy to let the frustration and disappointment of living for month after month in a world that has been changed by Covid-19 get to you.  It is easy to forget our blessings when we begin to focus so much of our attention on what is wrong in our lives.  

I understand.  I really do.  I get how your mind can focus in on the negative.  I do the very same thing.  I have to work hard sometimes to stay positive.  

The reason I was stuck in my bedroom knitting and reading instead of decorating the Christmas tree with my family is I am having muscle spasms in my knee AGAIN!  (Thank you autoimmune disease.) When the pain set in – my first reaction was to feel sorry for myself and to count my curses instead of my blessings.  I was one sad – miserable – curse counting lamenter earlier this week.  

But . . . then I realized . . .

I am no less blessed, because I am being reminded that I have some physical limitations that I didn’t have a few years ago.  I still am the mom of an hilarious – orange loving – train adoring – Ghostbuster enjoying – almost 8-year old.  

I still am the mom of a truly intriguing 17-year old who is becoming an even more intriguing adult who is thoughtful and helpful and wise and gracious and funny.  

I am so blessed to share this earthly life with Jason.  We have been best friends since we were 15 years old.  He has patiently loved me since my knees didn’t hurt!  

As I sat knitting and waiting for my annoying body to heal – I started making a list of my blessings.  It helped – it really did.  My knees still hurt – but my heart felt so much better.

My list went on and on and on.  

2020 has been a tough year.  Personally I am in the midst of a “flare up” and am going to have to dig a bit deeper.  But I am so blessed.  I have so much for which I am thankful.  So I am going to try to keep my focus on the good and on my blessings from our Lord.

Thanksgiving may officially be over – but being thankful for our blessings – well – I don’t think that should ever be over.

Try counting your blessings.  Make that list.  Share your blessings.  Talk about the things and people you are thankful for.  I am going to try to talk and think about my blessings from God even more than I talk about Covid-19 (and my aching joints)!

Who are you thankful for?  What are some of the blessings you are giving thanks for these days?

You are all in my heart – thoughts – and prayers.

In Christ and with Love –

Pastor Kerri

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