New Perspectives

One of my favorite things about being part of any family (my beloved church family – my wild and wonderful nuclear family – or the amazing McFarland clan) is the opportunity to see life from another perspective.  I truly consider this to be one of my life’s greatest blessings.  Yes – I may find myself shaking my head in wonder and even complete awe on occasion at another person’s perspective – but I do find other folks’ perspectives intriguing. 

I delight in learning from other people.  I love trying to see life through someone else’s eyes.

I only know what it is like to see things and experience life from my perspective.  I only know what it is like to see things from my point of view – from my vantage point.  I have absolutely – positively no idea what things look like from where you are standing.  I have never walked in your shoes.  I haven’t seen what you have or felt or heard or done what you have. 

Waiting to go for an adventure with his big brother.

I know what I think is beautiful.  I know what I think is delicious to eat and drink.  I know what I like to read.  I know how I like to spend a rainy afternoon.  I know what I think is interesting and boring and tolerable and just plain wretchedly miserable.

And I find it so hilariously funny when something that I delight in – is someone else’s nemesis or vice versa! 

For instance – few things in this life make me happier than a nice long hike along a beautiful woodsy trail.  And I go to the mall to shop perhaps 4 times a year – if that.  Hiking is my joy and heading to the mall – not so much. (Although Jason would argue otherwise – but he is soooooo cheap. I mean careful with money!) 

Will thought this orange tractor was amazing. I would never have stopped to look at it and certainly would never have taken its picture.

And all throughout Covid-19 I have heard news stories about how people are “discovering” the Great Outdoors now that malls aren’t safe!  Shockingly folks are finding that “it isn’t so bad out there in nature . . .” But I do get the sense once malls are safe – these folks will likely be returning the Great Outdoors to me!  (I have seen some of them trying to explore the Great Outdoors and they look afraid of nature . . . sort of like me at the mall actually . . .)

Jack was sharing his trigonometry test score with me last night and it occurred to me that at 17 my oldest son has now had more math than me!  And I got to thinking about how much both Jack and Will love – love – love math.  I find math painfully – miserably – wretchedly  boring.  Drool comes out of my mouth when I have to do anything math-y.  Math is their favorite subject in school.  Math was my least favorite subject in school. 

Jack was impressed with the alternative wind energy. Again – not what would have caught my eye on a walk.

But Jack doesn’t enjoy reading and I love – love – love WORDS.  I devour words.  I read at least 3 books a week.  I may not love math – but I love people who do.  And I find that their perspective on life is just a bit different than mine and I can learn from them.

I love Bible study for the same reasons.  I love how I will read a Bible passage and come to one understanding and Cheryl will offer another insight into the passage because of her understanding of the Bible passage.  And then Marilyn will weigh in and then Peggy will share.  Followed by a hard hitting question from Pat that gets us all thinking big thinks and on and on we go.  Pat won’t see the text from the perspective of a 40 something mother – wife – and pastor – because he is none of those things and neither is Buddy.  And I love this!  I love hearing what others bring to the table and to the discussion.  I delight in other folks’ perspectives and insights.  I learn so much from other peoples’ insights and understanding and especially from their questions.

They both liked this cross.

I invite and encourage you to consider joining us for Zoom Bible study.  We meet most Sunday evenings at 7:00 pm.  We are taking this upcoming Sunday off for Thanksgiving – but we would love to have you join us on Sunday, December 6th at 7:00 pm.

You are all in my heart – thoughts – and prayers.

In Christ and with Love –

Pastor Kerri

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