Trying Something New!

I am a summer person.  Summer is my season.  My love for summer is deep and abiding. 

I don’t mind the heat.  It is very rarely too hot for me.  When the rest of the world feels like they are going to melt from the heat – I am likely completely and utterly comfortable.  I might even be chilly and be thinking about throwing on a cardigan!  

I love the long days filled with glorious sunshine.  Blue skies literally make me smile.  Blue skies fill me with joy and make my heart sing!

I love gardening.  I enjoy watering my plants.  I don’t even mind weeding.  One of my favorite evening activities is wandering through our yard puttering around looking at all of the flowers and vegetables we grow in the summer.  The bees and I love all of my flowers!

All of the 100’s maybe 1000’s of shades of green of summer never cease to delight and amaze me.  I constantly find myself transfixed by all of the green!  I love – love – love the color green.

I feel more alive in the summer.  I am pretty sure I am a much nicer person in the summer!

Fall and winter are hard for me.  I do not like them.  I suppose fall is okay-ish.  But I do hold a serious grudge against fall, because fall means summer is over.   And well – winter is just wretchedly – miserably awful.

I am always amazed/puzzled/left in complete and utter disbelief when people tell me that fall is their favorite season or that they just love winter.  Why?  WHY??  I wonder . . . what is there to like about those seasons when the nights are long and the days are so very – very short?  How can anyone love all of that gray and brown and more gray?  Everything is just so not GREEN!  And don’t even get me started on the fact that I am cold to the core of my very being from Thanksgiving until Easter!  There aren’t enough hats and scarves and wool sweaters in the world to keep me warm and I have knit A LOT of them.

I spend most of the fall mourning the end of my beloved summer, and I spend the entire winter longing for summer. 

I was perfectly okay with this truly marvelous attitude of mine until my sons both pointed out my hypocrisy this week!  (Yes – BOTH of them in the same week!!) 

Will loves winter – because our sweet boy was born on the first day of winter.  Also our Will has the best attitude of anyone I have ever met.  Seriously – this kid is Mr. Bright and Shiny and Sunny!  I totally want to be just like our Will when I grow up!  He is optimistic in a way few other people on this planet are.  He can even find the silver lining in winter! 

One last cone flower!

Jack simply noted that God made ALL of the seasons . . . and perhaps I should try to see the good and the blessings in EVERYTHING God has made.  Hmmm . . .

Boy – it can require some humility when your beloved children start to mature and get all wise and begin to teach you stuff! 

I pointed this out to Jason.  And his response was – “That sounds like a challenge!”  After almost 30 years together – Jason knows I very – very rarely back down from a challenge. 

Okay – then.  The McFarland men have thrown down the gauntlet!  They have issued a challenge!  They have come awfully close to calling this annoying – whining – fall disliking – winter hating pastor/wife/mom a hypocrite.  Clearly I shall now have to seek God’s presence even during the fall and the winter.  Rumor has it that God is present with us ALL of the time – in every single season (even winter)!?!

Yesterday evening while William played outside and enjoyed the gloriously awesome, summery temperatures – I grabbed the camera and tried to find my “good” attitude and went seeking reminders of God’s presence in our world (even in the fall). . .

Wow – Jack – Will – and Jason are right (sometimes).  God is present with us even in a season that isn’t summer!  I just had to dig a bit deeper.  I had to open my eyes a bit wider.  I had to listen a bit longer.  It obviously doesn’t have anything to do with God – just me and my brokenness and my bad attitude and my blindness.  My human human-ness was showing again!

These guys survived the frost by hanging out very close to the foundation of the house!

So – I shall keep seeking God’s presence- because I know I will keep finding our Lord.  After all – God has promised us that he is always present with us.

Where are you seeking and seeing God’s presence in your own lives these days?

You are all in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.

In Christ and with Love –

Pastor Kerri

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  1. Winter is a favorite time for me in the woods. Summer blocks so much of your sight lines and hides much of the little and unseen glories of the woods . Winter brings clarity and openness to the landscape. On a cold winter morning the woods to me are a visual picnic. The bark on old oak trees seem to have a more mature texture. Finding saplings with twisted vines creating artistic patterns in the bark are true treasures. Hearing the crunch of damp leaves being muffled by the frost makes a winter morning a gift. Most people cower indoors in the winter. I encourage you to brave the briskness and enjoy a new look at God’s creation with a new perspective.

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