Shaking it Up on a Gray Day

We needed an evening of good old fashioned messy fun at the McFarland house.  After this long stretch of gray – blahhhhhhh days we all needed an evening activity that was engaging.  We needed to shake things up a bit.  We were getting into a rut! 

I – for one – have felt inclined to act much more like a hibernating bear these last few evenings than an actual human being.  As soon as work – NTI – and our evening walk (forced march) are over all I want to do is sit on the couch and read and knit.  I have definitely become that object that needs to be acted upon by an outside force we learned about in physics in high school!  Fall and winter always make me wonder if I am not part bear! 

Gone are the lingering evenings spent outside.  I haven’t taken a cup of tea to my favorite spot on the back step in weeks.  No one has suggested a trip to the park in days and days.  We all look at the gray sky and sigh.  The three oldest McFarlands are not winter people, and we are all taking some time to adjust to fall this year too.  I think we have a grudge against fall – because fall reminds us summer is over and winter is coming . . .

We needed something to engage our brains – to get us chatting and laughing and planning and plotting and up and about for a just a bit.

It was time to carve some of our pumpkins! 

I love the mess and gloop and whimsy of carving pumpkins. 

I love that the entire purpose of carving a pumpkin is simply to have FUN! 

Jason and I have always approached pumpkin carving like we did finger painting when the boys were little – they are the bosses of this activity.  We have hardwood floors and the floors wash and so do the boys!  Messes are welcome.  Who cares if some gets on the boy or the floor or both?

As we carved we laughed and chatted and remembered previous years’ designs.  Jack has had some great designs over the years.  I am sure that William will too – but he is really just getting started.  Jason still handles most of Will’s carving – but Will does all of his own design work!  Will is very good at telling Jason what to do!!!

While we worked we discussed our favorite candy.  This is a great question to ask to get conversation flowing and people thinking. 

Jack has decided that the 1,000 Grand is his candy bar of the year.  But I noticed that all of the Smarties are missing from Jack’s tray of Trunk and Treat candy which means he must like those too.  Will is really into those sour licorice sticks (thank you Grace for bringing those to Trunk and Treat!) and Jolly Rancher suckers this year.  Jason likes chocolate with almonds.  I like ALL of it.  Seriously – I love – love – love sugary goodness.  But I am trying something new to try to help ease my migraines – and have given up refined sugar. . .  I may be grumpy and suffering from withdrawal – but my dentist should be pleased!!!! 

What is your favorite candy?  Inquiring minds want to know!

We had a wonderful time (or at least I did and the rest of them politely played along).  We made a bit of a mess.  We chatted.  We were creative.  We spent some time together. 

It was just what we needed on a gray – misty – cool fall evening.

So what do you do – when you need to encourage yourself and your loved ones?  How do you remind yourself that there is joy and light and fun to be found – even on gray days?  What are your favorite fall activities?  Where are you finding God’s presence these days?

Have you had any God sightings lately?

I saw God’s presence last night in bright orange pumpkins and the 100’s of seeds those pumpkins contained. 

I saw God in the blessing of my family and our home.

You are all in my heart – thoughts – and prayers.

In Christ and with Love –

Pastor Kerri

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