Making Lemonade out of Lemons

I have mentioned before that I am a “make lemonade out of lemons” kind of person.  This is a very intentional approach to life.  I choose to live this way.  During times like this – in the middle of a heartbreaking pandemic – I admit there are days when it takes a very fierce determination to keep the positivity flowing – but I have lived the other way.  It is miserable, and I never want to live that way again.

Being positive is so much nicer than the way I grew up.  My parents are the sort of people who always see the flaws and problems and the shortcomings.  And they would tell me all about them over and over and over again until I wanted to stab my own eyes out with a knitting needle!  Seriously – they always focused on the one weed in the flowerbed – the one B on the report card that otherwise had all A’s – the one crooked line in and otherwise perfectly mown lawn.  Even as a kid I thought their approach to life was sad and mean-spirited.  I wanted to be different.  And so I am.  I hope!

I find I am so much – much happier if I look for the good in a situation.  If I seek God’s presence.  If I keep my eyes open for the beautiful.  If I am open to moments of joy.  If I look for the silver lining. 

I also know these are hard times we are all living through right now.  I am well aware that these are challenging times. I am not naive.  I understand this can be challenging – especially now – when our lives have been turned upside down and inside out.  Even I don’t see many silver linings to Covid-19.  On a bad migraine day I too struggle – but I also know my attitude and approach to life shape my experience of life and the lives of my beloved family and friends.  Therefore – I remain determined to seek the good and the blessings and God’s presence.

On Saturday – Jack got sent home from work because the zoo’s thermometer said he had a temperature.  (Jack was perfectly and gloriously fine.  He has always “run warm.”  ALWAYS.  It is the way God and genetics made him.  And our thermometer at home said Jack was fine and dandy!  We checked – twice after we got home.) 

So rather than sit around the house and feel sad about Jack’s lost income – we did what we do best – we found some nature!  We made the most of this unexpected blessing of a day together.  We packed essential provisions, and we headed to Shaker Village to explore and seek God’s presence and to delight in the beauty of a truly stunningly beautiful late summer day.

It was gorgeous.  Kentucky was totally showing off on Saturday – totally!

We met some very friendly – beautiful horses.  Actually – there were lots and lots of horses at Shaker Village on Saturday.  The trails there are very popular with horses and their riders. 

We explored.

We hiked.

We met a very cute salamander.

We admired the wildflowers.

We stood in awe before stone walls that have stood for over a century.

We watched the sunlight dance through the leaves.

We listened to the sound of nothing but nature.

We gave thanks for the expected blessing of a beautiful day in the middle of September – in the middle of a hectic – sometimes pretty stinking stressful time in our lives. 

We focused on the good and the beautiful and the lovely and the joyful.

I know that these can be very stressful – hard days.  I know that Covid-19 has turned our lives upside and inside out – but we are not alone.  God is with us.  And God makes himself known to us.

Where are you seeing your Lord these days?  How is God making himself known to you?

You are all in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.

In Christ and with Love –

Pastor Kerri

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  1. Thanks for the pep talk and guidance. Those of us juggling lots of balls need to hear we are not alone. Sometimes we need to just say Enough is Enough and dail back our work load and expectations.
    Be safe.

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