Is There a Patron Saint of NTI?

Today was back to school at our house.  William was so excited about going back to school he was awake at 5:00 am this morning.  Seriously – 5:00 am!?!  Our sweet little learner literally could barely contain his excitement about meeting his new teacher and his new classmates. 

Unfortunately – that was not without its challenges.  The poor lady’s sound did not work on her computer during her very first morning meeting with her brand-new class of wiggly giggly 2nd grade learners.  She used hand signs and enlisted the help of the gym teacher whose sound was working.  Talk about being agile and rolling with it.  I was impressed.  She was an absolutely splendid role model for her young students.  She gets two thumbs up from me for being a superstar under a massive amount of pressure.  I so hope that the rest of Ms. Mazzoni’s day went more smoothly! 

Did you know that Jean-Baptiste de La Salle is the patron saint of teachers of youth?  He was a French priest, educational reformer, and founder of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.  He sounds like an intriguing guy.

Thankfully the prerecorded lessons all went smoothly.  We enjoyed a delightful story about Lilly and her purple purse and the math wasn’t too bad either.  We only had to do addition going up to sums of 20 (thankfully).

Although – honestly – both Will and I found the lessons exhausting . . . Absolutely exhausting. I am also going to go out on a limb and guess that getting up at 5:00 am didn’t help much either?!?

He was fading fast . . .

I was soooooo not meant to be a teacher of small people.  All they do is wiggle and squirm and make random comments that have absolutely positively nothing and I mean NOTHING to do with the subject at hand!  And they look at out of windows A LOT!  I would not do well in an elementary school setting.  I am fairly certain – I would be sent to the principal’s office for shouting or crying or crying while shouting?!?!

I thought I appreciated teachers. I thought I was thankful for teachers. I thought I had at least a vague understanding of what teachers do for my beloved sons. Nope – I was wrong – Wrong – WRONG. Teachers shouldn’t have an appreciation week in the spring. Teachers shouldn’t merely have a patron saint – they should ALL be sainted!  Seriously – I am starting a petition as soon as I recover from NTI – that is!

Jack was less excited.  He was not awake at 5:00 am.  I don’t blame Jack at all.  5:00 am is really not my favorite-est time of day either.  I prefer to be asleep at 5:00 am also.

And thanks to NTI – Jack and Jason didn’t have to get up at their usual school day unholy hour of 5:15 am.  (Note which parent really loves Jack . . . Every child needs one good parent!) 

NTI means that Jack gets to enjoy a more relaxed start to his morning.  Jack has had an intense commute for the past 2 years.  Under normal – non-COVID-19 circumstances the poor lad must be at the bus stop at 6:10 am 5 days a week.  (Jason and I aren’t like those really nice – cool – doting parents who drive their kids all the way to Manual from far flung places like Fern Creek.  The bus it is and shall be until he has his own transportation or goes to college.  Jack was accepted to much – much closer high schools. He picked the snazzy far away one! Mean – mean parents this wonderful boy has!!!) 

Now his commute is about 60 seconds if he walks really – really slowly.  Jack misses his friends – but he likes this commute a lot better than the old one.  Plus as a bonus – it is a lovely commute right through a fully stocked kitchen – no less!

Jack has heard wild rumors that other 17 year-old juniors don’t have to be featured on their mom’s blogs. I told him it was for Jesus and he said “Oh – okay . . .”

Students have more than one patron saint which certainly seems fitting.  Being a student is hard work. I haven’t forgotten just how much work being a student can be. Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Catherine of Alexandria are both said to be rooting for our scholars both young and not so young.  Saint Catherine sounds like a woman after my own heart.  She apparently loved a good debate!

At more than one point today – I realized that our home has been transformed into a high school – an elementary school – a pastor’s study – and a computer programmer’s office.  Not to mention a laundry and a full service restaurant serving a vast array of truly delicious culinary delights (if I do say so myself and clearly – I do!). Wow!  Just wow!?!

Back to school 2020 certainly has been an adventure and different from anything I have ever experienced in previous years – but there is no one else I would rather be on this wild adventure with than these 3 wonderful men.  (I hope that they would same the same thing about me . . .)

Jason = the thinker. Will = the man of deep despair?

I pray that all of our Saint Stephen families are working out the kinks – rolling with the challenges – grinning with the growing pains – and learning wonderful new things as we begin this new school year. 2020 is certainly presenting all of us with new adventures and intriguing opportunities from growth.

Our students – our teachers and helpers – our administrators (hey Auntie Liz and Uncle John we love you!!!) – and all of our families are in my heart – thoughts – and prayers.

In Christ and with Love –

Pastor Kerri

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