Sharing Something Lovely

I have always been an observer.  By nature I am a curious person.  (Some might call me nosey – but I prefer to think of myself as deeply curious and inquiring.)  I am endlessly entertained by watching and listening and taking in the world around me.  I enjoy noticing things. 

I especially love nature.  I am an absolute nut about flowers and trees.  I am ever so slightly obsessed with the sky.  I love the way the sky changes throughout the day and over the course of the year.  A sunny day in July looks nothing like a sunny day in January.

I was into mindfulness before I knew what it was or that it was a thing.  I so love knowing that there are other people out there in the world staring at the sky along with me.  (There is a comfort in knowing that you aren’t actually the weirdest person on the planet!)

There is just so much to see and to notice and to take in.  I really do find this world in which we dwell intriguing. 

Something else that I find intriguing is other people. 

I know what I think is interesting and intriguing and awe inspiring.  I know what catches my attention.  I know what I love.  But what do other folks find intriguing and  interesting?  What catches someone else’s attention and why?  What does someone else think is lovely or beautiful?  What catches his eye and makes him stop in his tracks – if even for just a moment in time? 

What makes someone else think of our God who created us all?

I also love thinking about how other people see and perceive the world around us.  I love thinking about other folks’ perspectives on life. 

The way I perceive and see the world is likely not the same way that you see the world.  We are all just too different!

Last week – Jack took our camera outside at dusk and went for a walk around our yard.  This is something that I have done many – many times (usually without a camera – but sometimes with a camera).  I love puttering around our yard – looking at the flowers – pulling a few weeds here and there – admiring the garden – and generally enjoying our home’s outside spaces.

I loved seeing the world from our Jack’s perspective.

I know I thought what Jack saw was so interesting – because I have loved this human being since the moment his dad and I realized he would be joining our family. 

I know some of this is because I love this young man so very – very much. 

I am this young man’s annoying mom after all. 

Jack was drawn to the firefly. I was transfixed by the boy’s hand . . .

But you all have folks you love too.  You all have special friends in your lives and in your hearts. 

I encourage all of you to spend some time sharing what you think is interesting with one another.  Seriously – try having actual conversations with each other about what you value.  About what makes your hearts happy.  About what gives you joy.  Talk to someone you love about what she thinks is beautiful.  Ask someone you love about what inspires him or intrigues him. 

Ask someone you love to share pictures of where they see beauty in this world.  (Almost everyone I know has a phone in their pocket these days.  Therefore – we all have a camera in our pockets these days.) 

Take the time to have a meaningful conversation about what you value – about what is beautiful – about where you see God. 

These are strange times – but I have found that many people are much more open to having deeper conversations these days too.  Give it a try.  It won’t even hurt!

Invite a few friends or your immediate family to share 3 pictures of something they saw during their day that was beautiful or interesting or made them think of God.

Wouldn’t that be more interesting and far – far more inspiring than talking about the selfish dude at the grocery store who refused to wear a mask?!?

You are all in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.

In Christ and with Love –

Pastor Kerri

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