Catching up with Easton and Grant

Extroverts intrigue me – because they are just so different from me.  I find extroverts absolutely – positively mystifying.  They are so – well – they are so energized by things that exhaust me!

I am an introvert.  I crave quiet and solitude.  I love long stretches of being alone with nothing but my own thoughts and a ball of yarn and some knitting needles.  Nothing makes me happier than an entire weekend (my weekend = Friday and Saturday) when the only people I see are Jason, Jack, and Will. 

Once Will asked me why we don’t have parties at our house like his beloved Auntie and Uncle do.  Will is the family extrovert and he thinks parties are really fun!  Jason and Jack just laughed, and answered for me – “because Mommy’s brain doesn’t work that way!”  Seriously – my brain doesn’t work that way.  The last time I threw a party – was 19 years ago when we lived in Minnesota and it was for the church council.  I threw that party and thought “nope that is not for me!”  I was exhausted and completely stressed by the entire experience.

More than once someone in the McFarland household has commented that staying safe at home because of COVID-19 hasn’t dramatically altered our family’s way of living.  And it is true.  It really didn’t.  Our lifestyle hasn’t changed all that much, because I am an introvert who is married to an introvert.  We are happiest in the woods or the garden or with our noses in a good book.  A wild night for me is a Worship and Music Committee meeting at church. 

But as time went on I did notice that even this dyed in the wool introvert had enjoyed enough quiet time.  Buddy would come in to pay bills at the church and I would hold poor Buddy hostage until I had received a full and I mean FULL report from him on how everyone in his entire family was doing from Peggy right on down to Paige. 

Marilyn would stop by to drop off her offering at the church and I would realize that chatting with her and getting an update on the fence she and Sarah were building had been really and truly exciting to me.  Poor Marilyn probably was exhausted from building that fence and just wanted to get home and put her feet up – but first she had to spend 18 hours talking to me! 

Jason and I would see Marcia while we were on a walk in the neighborhood over our lunch break and we would chat so long Jason would have to remind me that he needed to get home because he needed to get back to work. . . okay then.

I would run into a Lutheran in the grocery store and we would have a socially distant conversation that lasted so long the McFarland sons’ ice cream started to melt!

For years and year and years – all I dreamed of was having great big – glorious uninterrupted swaths of uninterrupted family time.  And thanks to COVID-19 boy – oh boy did I get it! 

I do give our Lord thanks for Jason – Jack – and Will and for all of the time we have been able to spend together over these past months.  They have been and continue to be such a gift and a blessing. 

But I must say – it has been wonderful to be able to see and hear from other folks too.  I have been absolutely – positively craving news about how other folks are doing.

Today – I want to share a update with you from the Lynch family.  Beth, Michael, Easton, and Grant have not been able to join us for in-person worship just yet.  Imagine – if you will – trying to keep a mask on an eight month old baby . . .

Grant is 8 months old now!  Grant is crawling everywhere so Beth never – ever – ever gets to sit down now!  Michael probably doesn’t ever sit down either.  And we all know that Grant and Easton don’t ever sit down!!!  Grant is also teething so Beth and Grant aren’t sleeping much either. . .

So much handsome – gorgeousness in one photo collage!

Easton is busy thriving and growing and being just plain extraordinary and amazing! 

He is looking very mature!!!

Beth, Michael, Easton, and Grant are all well and say hi!  They are looking forward to seeing everyone as soon as they are able.

Brothers Bonding!

Thank you to Beth for sharing these wonderful pictures of Easton and Grant.  They have both changed so much.  3 months is almost a lifetime when you are little. . .

I would love to share more updates and similar God sightings so please send them my way! 

You are all in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.

In Christ and with Love,

Pastor Kerri

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