I have always gotten a huge kick out of symbolism and its meaning.  Some of my favorite papers in college and seminary were explorations of an author’s use of symbolism in their writings.  (Why yes – I have always been a great big nerd!). I loved searching out meanings and uncovering messages and exploring clues that authors had left for their readers to discover and uncover.  These hints and nudges from the author intrigued me.  Actually they still do.  

Sometimes authors use color to draw their readers’ attention to something.  (Everyone knows what a woman wearing red means . . . that’s right it is Pentecost Sunday and she is on her way to church!)

Sometimes authors use food to evoke a certain thought or emotion.  Milk and honey for instance are likely going to make a person who has recently read Exodus think of the Promised Land.  While someone else might immediately think of helping her grandmother make homemade biscuits on her summer break.

I have read that scent is actually our most powerful sense.  And just the hint of a smell can pull up a powerful memory.  I am that way with the smell of wood smoke.  As soon as I smell it – my brain travels back to my sabbatical in Mexico.  I smell a wood fire and I am no longer in Louisville or in my in-laws’ backyard.  Nope – I am in the rural Yucatan of Mexico.

Life is full of things that make us think of other things.  Of things that point us to other things.

That is what I am trying to do when I seek out God sightings in my daily life.  I am seeking to remember that God is present with us all of the time – that God is active in our world all of the time.  That God is with us in our daily lives.

This week while I have been walking, hiking, and out exploring God’s creation – I decided to choose a color each day and to spend my day looking for that color.  

Yesterday I chose yellow.

Yellow – is the color of optimism, happiness, creativity, and joy.  I like yellow a lot.  It is such a fun color.  All day long I was on a yellow scavenger hunt.  I saw lots and lots of yellow out there in God’s great big – amazing – glorious creation.

I encourage you to join me in seeking God’s presence in your daily life.  Pick a color (maybe your favorite color) and start seeking.  What do you see?  Where do you see it?  What surprises do you uncover?  Where does God send you little reminders of his ongoing – steadfast presence in your life?

You are all in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.

In Christ and with Love –

Pastor Kerri

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