Blessed to be a Blessing

These past weeks and months have been so very – very strange – haven’t they?  We have all had to change and adapt and change and adapt some more. 

Most of us have had to learn to do things differently.  (Masks – I am looking right at you!)  Home schooling the McFarland sons is high on my list of massively huge changes too. Thankfully Jason was able to handle the Latin – chemistry and higher math questions.  I handled the number bonds – the weekend journaling and the synonyms which was more my speed – thank you very much!

I wear my mask and I hope you are too (but I don’t usually wear it in the house).

So very – very many things have been canceled and moved and changed and adapted and changed some more.  Actually it feels like everything on the entire planet has been changed or moved or adapted in some way shape or form over the past few months!  And they will all probably change again before it is all said and done.

One of the things that was canceled was the Fern Creek/Highview United Ministries’ Annual Gala on the second Saturday in May.  The Pennies from Heaven Gala isn’t just a big deal for FCHUM.  It is a massively huge – big deal.  The annual gala is their biggest fundraiser of the year.  Every year the Pennies from Heaven Gala helps FCHUM raise 1,000’s and 1,000’s of dollars to help our neighbors who are in need of assistance during a difficult time in their lives.  Last year the Gala raised over $27,000 for the powerful, life-changing ministry they do each week at FCHUM.

FCHUM was forced to cancel their biggest fundraiser of the year just as need for the services they offer at FCHUM skyrocketed.  FCHUM is experiencing record numbers of people requesting assistance with food and other needs like rent and utilities.  They are actually going through tons of food each week as they feed our neighbors.  In April of 2019 FCHUM helped 431 families (903 people) with groceries.  This April they helped 767 families (1,800 people) with groceries!

FCHUM is currently completely out of bars of soap – toilet paper – toothpaste – dish soap – laundry detergent – and shampoo.

FCHUM is very – very low on tuna – canned pasta like ravioli – hearty soups – peanut butter – dried pasta – pasta sauce – macaroni and cheese – canned beans – and canned fruit.

We can help.  Working together can make a difference.  We can help feed and care for our neighbors who are in need right now during this difficult time in their lives.

On Sunday, June 7th let’s celebrate our return to in-person worship at Saint Stephen by bringing in bags and boxes of groceries and toiletries for FCHUM.   Let’s pile the table in the narthex with heaps and heaps of groceries!

We can be a blessing to our neighbors.  We can share God’s blessings to us by being generous. 

In Christ and with Love –

Pastor Kerri

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