Taking Time for Turtles

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes,

but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

I try to pay attention to the world around me.   I try to live more in the real world and less in the virtual world.

I try really – really hard to spend more time with my sons than I spend with my e-reader surfing the web.  I try to make more memories of these years with Jack, Will, and Jason than I make trips to the store to buy stuff.  I try to watch more sunsets than television shows on Netflix.  I strive to watch more tricks on the trampoline than stuff on my phone. 

I try to smell roses.  I try to really and truly taste my morning cup (or 2) of coffee.  I try to listen to the sound of our home and enjoy the sounds of busy boys filling it with their presence. 

I try to enjoy this one earthly life that I have been blessed with.  I try to savor my life and to enjoy the blessings I have been given. 

Some days I get it right-ish.  And some days – well – not so much. . .  I get to the end of some days and realize that I didn’t stop long enough to enjoy my blessings from God or to smell any roses.  (Although honestly – my lavender plants smell soooo much better than my roses do!)

Some days I don’t savor much of anything except the sight of the clock announcing that it is bedtime at the McFarland house and I can collapse into bed with a good book.

I am a very human – human being, and I fail to live up to my goals and aspirations all of the time.  I fail to be mindful.  I fail to appreciate or to give thanks for God’s blessings to me.  I am well aware of the fact that I miss God sightings all of the time.

But – sometimes when I least expect it – God knocks my socks off with the beauty of his creation.

On Tuesday morning – I had one of those moments.  I was standing in our dining room/Jason’s new COVID-19 workplace bugging him about something or other when I glanced out the window.  I do this all of the time.  I find my eyes drawn outside like moths are drawn to light.  And what did I see?  I saw an Eastern Box Turtle going for a stroll through our backyard.

He wasn’t even afraid of me. I think he knew that we appreciated him and he was with friends!

And he was stunningly beautiful!  (Thanks to Jason – Jack – and William I could see the turtle’s beauty.  They have all taught me so very – very much about appreciating nature in all of its many varieties.  Thanks – guys!)

William and I have been reading about all sorts of reptiles and amphibians just this week.  (Turtles are reptiles – by the way.  Life with my 3 gentlemen has taught me this fact.)  Will loves the really scary – deadly – horribly – terrifyingly dangerous stuff like king cobras and black necked spitting cobras and black mambas and well just about anything that can make your arm fall off in 2 seconds if it bites you!

I – on the other hand – like the animals that won’t make me dead if I happen upon them while gardening!  And yes – I know living in Kentucky that I probably won’t run into many black necked spitting cobras while gardening (outside of my very vivid imagination) – but it never hurts to be prepared and to keep a watchful eye out!

Anyway – this eastern box turtle who was strolling through our backyard was beautiful.  And I got to see him all because I took the time to look.

What are you seeing out of your windows these days?  Where are you seeing God at work in your life?

Why – yes – I did take about 3,000 pictures of the VERY slow moving turtle. And yes – they do almost all look the same. But not quite – he moved his back leg . . . well I think that he did!

Try looking at the world with new eyes today.  You might just be surprised (dare I suggest impressed) by what you see!

You are all in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.

In Christ and with Love –

Pastor Kerri

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