God Sightings Even When Feeling Grumpy

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I don’t know about you – but I find that some days are easier than others.  Some days are smooth sailing.  Some days feel just plain glorious.  Some days are bright and shiny and super fun. 

But other days – well other days are just plain challenging.  Some days feel like a bit of a slog.  Some days you just want to go back to bed or at the very least stay in your comfy yoga pants while eating ice cream on the couch for breakfast (or maybe that is just me . . . it is probably just me).

Today was one of the more challenging days for me.  I went to bed last night with a stupid migraine and when I woke up – it was still there on the left side of my brain – grrrrr.  It wasn’t an awful migraine – but it was there – yuck.  As I made my morning cup of coffee I noticed that it was raining – double yuck! 

As I sipped my morning coffee – I sat with William while he did his NTI work.  As I spent time with Will and Mrs. Meers (our incredibly AWESOME 1st grade teacher) – I felt my yucky mood begin to fade just a bit.  It was still raining and I still had a migraine – but I realized that right in front of me was the most wonderful God Sighting. 

This beautiful smile greets us every morning! Mrs. Meers is dazzling!

Mrs. Meers has been such an incredibly wonderful 1st grade teacher for our Will.  (My 1st grade teacher – Miss White was awful and frankly left me deeply scarred for years.  She belittled me and called me names.  She told me that I would never be a successful student.  That was YUCK!)  Mrs. Meers is affirming and gracious and loving.  She is the exact opposite of the monster I had for 1st grade.  I really look forward to going to 1st grade with Will.  

I realized that I am going to miss NTI when it ends in a few weeks.  I have enjoyed these precious opportunities to be a part of Will’s 1st grade learning experience.  My sweet William may not feel the same way – but I will remember these days fondly in the years to come.

As Will was doing his math assignment – I found my attention drifting outside (just like it does for so many 1st graders).  And what did I spy?  A gorgeous woodpecker!  God Sighting #2 of the morning.

I had so much fun watching the beautiful woodpecker play on the boys’ play set in our backyard.  He/she was stunning and very -very busy.  It seemed to enjoy playing on Will’s play set in the rain!

Yes – it was still raining and yes – I still had a stupid migraine – but God was still making himself known to me.

Then after lunch I went to the church for a meeting with Rod.  We are planning how and when we can all return to worship at Saint Stephen (which we did while wearing our masks and maintaining a safe social distance) – and on my desk was a sweet note from Peggy Zimmerman along with a beautiful new mask.  And it is green – my very – very favorite color!  I felt very loved and very blessed.  God sighting #3 of the day!!!

All of these books are Jason’s and this is only part of his collection. Most of them are in languages I can’t read – but I think (hope) just sitting close to them might make me smarter!

After my meeting with Rod at the church, I came home to not one but two wonderful cards from Lutherans telling me that they are thinking of me and praying for me.  God Sighting #4 and #5 (at least). 

Hugs in the mail!

Yes – it is a rainy day in May.  Yes – it is rather chilly and yucky outside.  Yes – I do have a headache.  Yes – social distancing is weird.  Yes- I miss “my” Lutherans all so much I sometimes want to throw a hissy fit!  Yes – I continue to struggle with the new normal.  Yes – I miss my old life passionately – but God is still here with me.  God is still making himself known in my life.

So – I ask you – where have you seen God in your life this week?  How is God making himself known to you?  Are you keeping your heart open?

You are all in your pastor’s heart – thoughts – and prayers.

In Christ and with Love –

Pastor Kerri

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  1. As we move through this new way of living our lives, I hope we come out of this with a renewed sense of how we all are connected. We surely will not take for granted what we have had to give up…. the smile of a stranger for whom you hold a door… the smell of a dinner brought to your table by a waitress … fully stocked grocery shelves… the embrace or hand shake of a good friend… and so many more. I pray God will give us the strength and resolve to persevere until those things become our normal again. God’s Peace.

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