Salamanders, Sunshine, and So Much Splashing!

Sunday morning Jason and I went to mass on-line at my in-laws’ church.  It was wonderful to be able to worship even if it was from our laptop in the dining room.  Even Will listened in to the worship service for a bit.  (It was pretty weird going to mass with my cup of coffee – wearing my hiking clothes – but I don’t think that Jesus really cares what kind of shoes I was sporting.)

After worshipping together – we headed for another jaunt in the woods.  We had promised Will that he could play in a river, and we had promised ourselves a hike someplace very green.  Sunday was just way – way too gorgeous to stay inside all day. So we loaded up the backpack with essential provisions like jellybeans (those keep Will moving when he starts to lag behind) and water and we headed for the hills.

Seeing these made it worth the big, seriously steep hills!

Our destination was new to us, and it was amazing!  The only people we saw on our 4 hour trek through the woods and to (in) the river – were related to us.  We had the trail and the river to ourselves the entire time.  

The search for wildlife begins . . .the biggest wildlife I found were two human boys!

Well – actually – we didn’t have the river to ourselves – because it has finally warmed up enough for the wildlife to be out and about.  

We met this cool dude on the trail.

Our first of three salamanders . . . it was a good day for salamanders!

We also found crawdads . . . big ones and little ones.

We had God Sighting after good old fashioned God Sighting on Sunday afternoon.

It was good for our souls to be reminded that God is busy all around us. Our God is at work in our world and in our lives. He really and truly is.

Where are you seeing God in your life these days?

What is God up to in your life? How are you experiencing God’s presence these days?

God has promised us that he is with us always. Our Lord is with us – even now.

You are in your pastor’s heart, thoughts, and prayers.

In Christ and with Love –

Pastor Kerri

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