Keeping our Eyes and our Hearts Open

Holy Week combined with the start of online learning for the McFarland sons has left all of us wanting to stay a bit closer to home – so no big hikes today.  Of course there will be walks in the neighborhood.  There are always walks in the neighborhood.  But Jason and I decided to let the boys have the day off from climbing hills and following trails with their annoying, tree hugging parents.

But today is Holy Saturday and all Holy Week – wherever I have looked I have seen crosses. 

And I am not just talking about the cross collection in my office at church or about the crosses out front at Saint Stephen.  (Although I have seen all of those quite a few times this week too.)

I have been seeing crosses in the cracks in the sidewalk and crosses in fallen sticks in the yard.  I see crosses in shadows on our back patio while I sit outside in the evening watching Will play on our swing set, and I see crosses in the neighbor’s garage door windows.

So – this morning I gave Jack and William a Holy Saturday mission.  Take the camera and go for a 30 minute walk.  Use your imaginations and look for crosses.  Take pictures of what you discover.  William was a bit skeptical (I don’t think he was all that keen on having his computer gaming interrupted by another one of his mom’s harebrained ideas), but thankfully Jack was totally game.

So here is what they discovered!  Look for the crosses in their pictures. 

There at lots and lots of crosses in this picture!
Tons of crosses here too!
Loving this one!

Now that you have looked at our pictures – it is your turn. Why don’t you go for a walk around your neighborhood and look for crosses (or things that remind you of God’s presence in your life)?  What do you see?  If you don’t want to go outside – you can do this inside too!  It can be a lot of fun.

In Christ and with Love –

Jack, William, Pastor Kerri and Jason too

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