We Just Could Not Help Ourselves

It has been an incredibly painful, sad week for our family. That is the nature of loss and grief.

But Saturday was also another absolutely, positively beautiful spring day here in Kentucky. So – we decided to lace up our hiking shoes and to head for the hills.

Jason and I both find ourselves drawn to nature and to wide open spaces and to the woods whenever we have the opportunity and often when we don’t have the opportunity. I find that getting out into nature centers me. It reminds me of who I am and whose I am. And after a week like this past one – it was just what I (our whole family) needed. We needed some time to be together and we needed some time just to be.

So bright and early-ish (not as early as Jason would have liked – but probably far earlier than the resident teen would have preferred) we set forth for Perryville, Kentucky yet again. Of all of the the wonderful places we have found to hike in the beautiful state of Kentucky – Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site is hands down my favorite place to hike. I love all 745 acres of it.

We have hiked these trails a lot. I have hiked these trails in every season. I have hiked these trails while 8 months pregnant with William, and then when Will was just an infant in a sling. I have hiked these trails with a 2 year old on my back. I have hiked them with just Jason and with my all of the McFarland men. It never gets old. It always feeds my soul. It always leaves me feeling closer to God and to my family.

Today we took a slightly different route and saw a few different views. We also covered some of the same ground we hiked last week.

We walked by the river.

Okay – one of us walked through the river. The rest of us walked by the river.

We talked.

I laid on my back and admired the gorgeous blue sky.

We found even more beautiful flowering trees to admire this week.

We found spring wildflowers.

And even more wildflowers where there hadn’t been anything just last week!

We stopped to refuel and recharge.

Will’s thoughts were probably something along the lines of – “a different – indoorsy family sure would have been nice . . .My parents are just outdoorsy weirdos!”

We took the time to immerse ourselves in the blessings of God’s creation. We gave thanks for the blessing of family. We gave thanks for spring. We gave thanks for the gift of this life, and I think we even gave thanks for one another.

This was an incredibly cool puff ball thing (yes that is the technical name) that Jack generously gathered from a tree for Will.

How are you staying centered these days? What are you doing to help you remember your blessings from God?

In Christ and with Love –

Pastor Kerri

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  1. Great pictures. While in that area if you have not you should visit Shaker Village. Thanks for reminding us God is wherever we are we just need to sometimes stop and look for it.

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