Hanging Out with the Cool Kids

Thursday morning was just plain gorgeous!  The sun was shining.  The birds were singing.  The sky was blue.  The spring flowers were looking particularly lovely. 

Waiting expectantly for the Lutherans to arrive . . .

And William and I were both seriously excited, because we were going to get to see some people other than Jason and Jack!  Yes – we were thrilled at the prospect of getting to “yell” at some Lutherans and to wave hello from a safe, healthy distance.  My – how times have changed!

From 10:30 am – 11:30 am we had invited anyone who was willing and able to drop off donations for the Fern Creek/Highview United Ministries.  FCHUM is in serious need of our donations right now.  Donations are down and requests for help are way up.  They are asking for toothpaste, laundry soap, all household cleaners, dish soap, plastic bags, macaroni and cheese, TP, canned pasta, soup, crackers, and canned fruit. 

Filling up Dorothy’s car.

Dorothy offered to meet anyone who was able in the church parking lot for a social distancing food drive for FCHUM.  Dorothy had her trunk open and a huge smile on her face – but she maintained a careful range of social distance.  Dorothy then took all of our donations to FCHUM for us.

Loving the shades Marilyn. She is so glamorous!
Carol’s daughter and granddaughter in China are doing just fine.
This was Tammy’s second parking lot meeting of the week. She really has an impressive social life!
Nice social distancing Buddy and Marcia. Impressive teamwork.
Catching up and catching some rays with Bob.

It was a wonderful success.  We filled Dorothy’s car with donations for FCHUM and we filled our hearts and souls with a little long distance fellowshipping in the parking lot too!

Perhaps we talked a bit too long!

Thank you to everyone who was able to stop by and to the folks who left donations at the church ahead of time too. Your generosity is very much appreciated.

In Christ and with Love –

Pastor Kerri

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  1. Thanks to all who donated and Dorothy for being the hauler. Will do another in a week or so? The need will continue to grow. Good to see faces I have not seen. Miss all.

    1. It was the highlight of my day! I loved seeing so many Saint Stephen folks. It felt like a reunion.

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