Sharing Spring at Saint Stephen

William and I had a few things we needed to get done at the church this afternoon.  We needed to check the mail, because our faithful postal workers keep bringing the mail every day (except Sunday – of course).  We also thought we should make sure there weren’t any important phone messages on the church voicemail, and I needed to make some photocopies. 

Our church home

Most importantly we wanted to look for signs of spring around the church to share with all of you.  Since we can’t gather for worship at Saint Stephen right now – almost everyone has been missing out on just how beautiful it is at the church these days.  And I must say that Saint Stephen is looking particularly lovely right now.  Everything is looking so colorful and lush and green.  It is just plain gorgeous.

I am told that Lucile Duke planted these.

Our founding mothers and fathers chose very wisely when they picked this land along Bardstown Road.  It is just plain lovely – especially in the spring.  Especially when the flowering trees are blooming. . .

Our tree in the front parking lot
So many shades of pink. . .
Chuck Ziemba planted these years ago. They have certainly thrived! These daffodils remind me of him each spring.
Something pretty is actually growing in the front flower bed of doom and disaster. If you want to know what I mean – ask Cheryl . . .
A wild Lutheran found in a tree.

After I read this sign to Will, he asked why our church was named Saint Stephen.  I explained that our church was named after a really neat man from the Bible who did great things for God (Acts 7:54-60). 

Will thought about it for a moment, and then he asked why the church wasn’t named after me. 

I smiled and said “that is so nice honey – but churches are usually named after people who were alive during Bible times.” 

To which my sweet William responded – “I always thought you were alive then too . . .” 

Carry that with you for today folks.  My seven year old thinks that I am at least 2,000 years old!

You are in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.

In Christ and With Love –

Pastor Kerri

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