Setting Sail with a Guest Blogger!

William has asked to have a go at blogging. So here is a post about one of Will’s greatest passions in this life – ships. Will loves ships. (Will is particularly fascinated with naval disasters.) Will has many, many, many models of ships. Some of his ships he has made from Legos. Some Jason has constructed using glue and a kit from the hobby store. Some Will has made using wood, nails, and glue (William wants you to know that these were a lot of work to construct). Others Will and Jack have devised using origami, paper, and markers.

Will is sharing some of his favorite ships with you today in the hopes of spreading some joy during these difficult times!

I thought that starting here was a great way of helping us keep our perspective! We have lots of models of the Titanic.
This is a cargo ship.
William has added his own caption letting you know that this is a “fake” ship meaning it came from his imagination.

William is always planning new ships and new ship designs. He will keep you posted!

Stay safe out there sailors.

Love –

William and Pastor Kerri

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