I Tried to Play it Cool . . .It Didn’t Work!

After keeping me company at the office for most of the day, William was ready for some outside time and some adventure when we got home.  I could not blame him at all.  Yesterday may have been gray and rainy, but today has been all sunshine, singing birds, and blue skies.  It is just plain gorgeous out there – a perfectly lovely spring day!

Almost as soon as we walked through the front door of our house Will requested to be given permission to go on another scavenger hunt adventure with Jack.  It was music to my ears.  I tried to play it cool, but let’s be honest I don’t do “cool” very well (never have – probably never will – sigh).  They knew right away I was giddy at the prospect of them heading outside for vitamin D and exercise.  (I am their mom.  They have met me…)

I had paper and a Sharpie marker in my hand as fast as I could find them (and in our house craft supplies are always close by).  I was already mentally prepared, because I had been brainstorming new scavenger hunt ideas on my drive home from work at the church.  After all, I would much rather be thinking about things like this than worrying about global pandemics, hand sanitizer, and TP shortages. 

Less than two minutes after I had finished writing out their next scavenger hunt, the McFarland sons were off on their next adventure together – and they were EXCITED (parenting victory)!

1) Find a yellow bush.

2) Find a purple flower.

Totally not what I expected them to find. One of our neighbors has a massive inflatable Easter bunny – but hey this works too!

3) Find a huge rabbit.

4) Find an interesting stick.

Our whole family was shocked and appalled by the tree “trimming” this poor tree got last fall. Jack was particularly appalled!

5) Find something totally disgusting!

Always call before you dig!

6) Find something pink-ish.

That one was easy as long as the family goof was around!

7) Find something funny.

Jack’s paving stone from Michigan.

8) Find something you made (it has to be outside).

This one was HARD! Apparently there were not very many clouds today.

9) Find a cloud.

10) Find an impressive rock.

Reminders of our God’s presence truly are all around us – even now during these truly unprecedented times. I encourage you to keep your eyes and your hearts open.

In Christ and with Love –

Pastor Kerri

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