Seek and You Will Find

Jason and I are (and probably always will be) “those” parents.  We believe quite passionately that daily fresh air and exercise are essential to living healthy, balanced lives.  We even practice what we preach.  Each evening before supper – Jason and I go for a walk outside unless it is really cold or raining.  If the weather is unacceptable then we head to the basement treadmill for a walk.  These “weather rules” are rules I have created, because I hate being either wet or cold.  (You may have noticed all of the wool hats and scarves!) Jason seems to be impervious to both!

We have always encouraged (sometimes cruelly demanded that) our beloved sons get outside every single day too – unless the weather is just really, really rotten. 

We try to make outside time as fun as possible.  Jack and Will own bikes, scooters, and an assortment of skateboards.  They have swings and their very own shed in our backyard that is all theirs.  (It is a very nice shed!)  The shed contains all sorts of cool boy items in it from chalk to weaponry to nails and hammers and the items needed for constructing a fort that I could have only dreamed of constructing as a kid.  They spend a fair bit of time outside scootering, skateboarding, kicking balls, shooting arrows, pounding nails, and tackling each other.  They can be “old school” boys.

This morning before I left for the church I left them with an extra special mission.  It was a scavenger hunt. (I did NOT call it a God Sighting Hunt – even though that may have been what it was . . .) Jack and Will did it this afternoon and Jason and I will do it this evening during our walk (if the rain holds off long enough.)

I love seeing the world from their perspective. 

Nice hat!
  1. Find a person. (I appreciated how seriously they took social distancing!)

2. Find a yellow flower.

3. Find something really weird! (Jack)

the leaves (not the boy’s hand)

3. Find something really weird! (Will)

A worm! They did not eat the worm, but you could eat a worm. Apparently they are a decent source of protein . . .

4. Find something you could eat (but you don’t have to eat it)!

There are puddles everywhere these rainy spring days!

5. Find some water.

6. Find a really cool tree.

Jack and Will want you to know it is the very busy intersection that is dangerous NOT the Baptist Church sign that is dangerous! We love our Baptist sisters and brothers in Christ.

7. Find something dangerous.

The green on the male mallard duck’s head and neck.

8. Find something green (not grass).

The boys both agreed that the dog was beautiful.

9. Find something beautiful.

The huge purple dump truck was noisy and surprising.

10. Find something surprising.

I know these are incredibly challenging and even frightening times.  I know our world has been turned upside down and inside out.  We don’t know when things will get back to normal or how long it is going to take to flatten the curve. 

I encourage you to take some time today and every single day to notice the beauty of God’s world too. Maybe you will want to join us in these scavenger hunts. We plan on doing several over the next coming weeks.

In spite of all of the scary news – our world is still an awfully lovely place. The world in which we live is full of reminders of God’s love and God’s constant presence with us.

You are truly all in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.

In Christ and With Love –

Pastor Kerri

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