Seek and Ye Shall Find

A truly wise Lutheran sage (Buddy Zimmerman) advised me a few months ago to enjoy this messy, chaotic, noisy, crazy time in my life, because it would be over before I knew it.  Soon – Buddy said – it would just be Jason and me in a quiet, perfectly neat, clean house.  (Stop taunting me – I may have declared in despair.)

Buddy was so very right (about this and always about anything to do with numbers).  This time is flying by so very quickly.  Just how fleeting this time in my life is was driven home to me over and over again this week.  On Wednesday Jack started high school, and William started kindergarten!   William lost another tooth on Monday.

(The above is William’s first day of kindergarten.)

Sunday was Jack’s 15th birthday!! 

(The following 3 pictures are of baby Jack.  Jason indulged me, but not too much.)

And last night I noticed that Jack isn’t just a little bit taller than me. 

Jack now is whole inches taller than me!!!    

Enjoy the blessings of this time in your life. . .

Buddy’s truly wise words came back to me this week as I was reading Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin.  I really enjoy Rubin’s writing because she too is a busy working mother of two school aged daughters.  She lives in the “real world” of messy messes and juggling work, family, exercise, and hobbies.  She writes from the perspective of a mother who sometimes has yogurt on her jeans, a messy bun, and a living room that is decorated with toys rather than . . . (I can’t even think of a cool decorating store that’s how lame I am).  Her perspective is realistic, practical, and absolutely refreshing. 

In her book Rubin lists Eight Splendid Truths and her 8th is – “Now is now.” 

“Now is now.  Here is my treasure.” 

This Splendid Truth sounds incredibly simple until you really dig in and start to think about it deeply. 

“Now is now.  Here is my treasure.” 

How often do we give God thanks for this moment?  Sure we give God thanks on Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas and on those “big” days, but what about the regular old, mundane, days.  Do we give thanks for those days too? We live a lot more of those regular days than we do Christmases and Easters. 

“Now is now.  Here is my treasure.” 

When was the last time I gave God thanks for a plain old Tuesday?  Do we stop to see the blessings in the busy, messy, chaos of a regular Tuesday in August with work and school and laundry and dirty dishes?  Do we even see the blessing in the work and the school and the laundry and the dirty dishes? 

“Now is now.  Here is my treasure.”  Do we always think that we will be happier or more blessed tomorrow or next week or next year or do we seek God’s blessings in this moment?

It can still be pretty hard to appreciate all of the noise, chaos, clutter, and mess that comes with this time in my life, but that is what my camera and I set out to do this morning.

Here are some pictures of my “now is now.” 

Here is my treasure. . .my rather messy, noisy, cluttered, chaotic, colorful, busy, wild, amazing treasure.

A half-finished picture of the Titanic started by a young artist and then abandoned when something more exciting came up.

Jupiter on the living room floor.  (Don’t you just love how badly our molding needs to be painted!)

The “coffee” table in our living room has been a train table for 12 years now.

Backpacks, hoodies, and school supplies . . .

After breakfast William finished his Titanic picture by adding in a lifeboat and some icebergs. 

Now on to another picture. . .(and yes William is watching his I-pad before school.  I never claimed to be a perfect mother just a perfectly human mother.)

Planet Earth and some . . . other astronomical stuff!

Part of our rotating wall of art.  I love this wall.  It is filled with wonderful memories for me of time spent with my sons.  Their art reveals so much about their personalities and who they are.  We add to it often.

The “coffee” table after we (I) dumped out all of the trains to find Flynn the firetruck’s missing tender car.

What is your treasure?  What do you treasure about this unique time in your life?

Remember that “Now is now and this is your treasure.”

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