Two Turkeys at Broad Run

Jason and I walk 2 miles every evening in our neighborhood, but walking in suburbia is simply a way of getting exercise for us.  These walks (while lovely) don’t really feed my soul.  Our evening walks just don’t offer enough of the “real” natural world to do the trick.  They are a sort of stop gap measure until we can get the real deal.

So by the time this past weekend rolled around, I needed to be surrounded by some actual nature. 

Neither one of the McFarland sons wanted to join us for a hike in the woods (such strange offspring we have) so we came up with a compromise – Jason and I would hike closer to home, and they would stay at home (with the WiFi and the A/C).    

We decided to hike/walk the part of the Louisville Loop from Broadrun Park to Turkey Run Park.  It is only about 6.5 miles roundtrip, but has lots of hills so we would get a good workout plus it has plenty of the required green.

It was lovely and popular.  When we hiked at Shaker Village last weekend we didn’t see any other hikers, but on this trail we saw hikers, cyclists, strollers, and even more zooming cyclists. 

It is immediately clear why this trail is so popular.  You can walk/hike for miles and miles surrounded by all of this gorgeous nature and not even get your shoes dirty.  Seriously – it is all paved.  Paved – I tell you – paved!

As we walked/hiked (I really struggle to call anything on a paved trail a “hike” even if there were plenty of hills.  I didn’t even get any mud on my shoes!) I was on the look out for God sightings.  It is sort of “my thing.” 

The very first thing that caught my eye was this gorgeous cluster of yellow wild flowers with one single, pink cone flower growing in their midst.  The color contrast was just plain delightful, but if I had been on my phone or in a hurry or not paying attention – I would not have even noticed it.  Fewer distractions open our eyes to seeing God’s presence in our lives.

I have no idea what this beautiful flower is, but the edges of the trail were filled with its lovely purple beauty.  It must be a big fan of the heat too.

Orange flowers!  William’s favorite color is orange, and he has taught our entire family to see the beauty of the color of orange.  A few years ago – I might have noticed the orange flowers – but I wouldn’t have really seen the orange flowers.  Thanks to William’s passion for the color orange I saw them and was delighted by their orangey-orange-ness.

One pink flower.  Just look at those perfectly formed petals.

A huge anthill and I mean HUGE.  It was as big around as a manhole cover, and absolutely teaming with life.  It was intriguing to take a few minutes to watch the ant colony at work. 

When was the last time you took a few minutes to watch nature instead of Netflix or NBC? 

We had such a great time on Saturday that we did the exact same hike on Sunday evening just because it was summer in Louisville, the sun was shining, the grass was green, sky was blue, and God made a gorgeous world for us to explore!

God is always at work in our world.

How have you experienced God’s presence in your life this week?  Where have you spotted God?



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