The Bond and the Baa

The first time I met my nephew Nic – I knew Nicolas Andrew was incredibly special.  He was truly a dream come true for Jason’s sister Elizabeth and her husband John.  Nic was an 8 pound blessed bundle of happiness for his parents and grandparents.  Actually our entire family was awfully excited about this very special little guy.  As it turns out, Nic was a dream come true for his Aunt Kerri too.

There is something incredibly special about Nic that bonds the two of us together – YARN.  Nic was born with an appreciation for yarn and my knitting that Jack, William, and Bella (Nic’s sister) do not possess.  (I do love the other 3 in spite of this wretched shortcoming.)

All 4 of these precious gifts from God received tons of knitted goodness upon their arrivals into the family – but only Nic has been truly devoted to the knitted goodness I so liberally and generously (crazily) bestow on my loved ones.  Only Nic truly appreciates that his Aunt Kerri knit love, prayers, hopes, and dreams into those piles of baby blankets, stacks of hats, towers of burp cloths, and bounty of bibs.  Only Nic knew that those blankets contained superpowers, because they were symbols of all he means to his Aunt Kerri and to our entire family.

Nic gets it.  Nic gets the power of yarn and knitting.  Nic knows that his special blanket means that he is deeply, passionately, always loved by “his people.”  Nic knows knitting for me is way bigger than a pile of string from the store that I tie into knots using sticks – knitting is my love and prayers made tangible.  Knitting is love from his Aunt Kerri that he can carry around in the world with him (if he wants to).

And so while I don’t love Nic more than the other 3 equally marvelous human beings – I do delight in the fact that Nic gets it.  That curly haired, long legged, rapidly growing boy gets what his Aunt Kerri wanted to tell him all those years ago as we awaited his arrival into our family.

Well – actually – it was his sister’s arrival.  The blanket Nic latched onto and has loved most deeply over the years is one I knit for his sister’s arrival, but the intention was the same.  That blanket (the sacred Baa) was filled with my prayers and hopes and dreams and love for John, Elizabeth, Nic, and Isabella Grace’s family.

The Baa is one very, very loved blanket (owned by one very, very loved boy).  I have made Nic other blankets – but this blanket is THE BLANKET.  It is according to Nic the one material possession he would take with him if their house was on fire (heart squeeze)!

I have repaired it as best I could over the years.  I have replaced this favorite blue corner more than once. 

It has been washed countless times.  It is frayed and worn and held together by shear force of will in some places.

It has been with Nic on many adventures and journeys.  It has been loved a lot.

This summer I made Nic another blanket in his new favorite colors at his request.  Not to replace his favorite (the Baa is truly irreplaceable), but just to fill in as needed. 

I filled this new blanket with even more prayers for this special boy, more hopes for his future, more dreams for what life will bring for him, and more wishes for his future. 

And you thought when I was knitting – I was just playing with yarn! 

Sometimes when I am knitting I am praying too – praying for the person who will receive/use what I am knitting.

For the family whose kitchen counters will be washed by the wash cloth on my needles.

For the child who will wear the hat.

For the person who will be warmed by the scarf or for the very special boy who will sleep under the blanket.

Or sometimes I am praying for the folks on the church prayer list or someone who is on my heart.

I seem to do my best praying when my hands are busy whether it be with knitting, weeding, folding the laundry, or folding worship booklets.

How do you pray?  When do you pray?  Who first taught you how to pray?  

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