No Matter Where You Roam – The Snakes Are Best at Home

William may be home from his adventures, but his passion for terrifying creatures remains.  He continues to yearn for encounters with God’s creepiest, deadliest, most horrifying creatures. 

The “creature crew” headed out again this week to seek some seriously scary creatures.  We were down a man, because Jason is back at work these days.  This is truly unfortunate, because Jason is our resident snake expert (having once been a little boy himself and all). Thankfully Jack promised me that he would have my back and help out with the creepy parts.  (He is such an awesome human being!)

As soon as we arrived at the zoo we headed straight for William’s happy place.  We skipped the penguins.  We marched right by the tortoises without so much as a glance in their direction.  We didn’t even consider a stop at the tiger.  Nope – not us.  None of those animals were scary enough for us.  The creature crew needed to be with the worst of the worst – most terrifying and deadly creatures in the entire zoo.  We needed to be in the HerpAquarium as soon as humanly possible!

Snacking and snake watching.  William is definitely having his very own God sighting.

Brothers bonding over snakes. (I definitely count this as a great, big, awesome, amazing God sighting!)

I am still trying really, really hard to see the beauty in this . . .

And this . . .

Now this I could watch all day.  Both the turtles and the boy are pretty nifty.

While Jack explored the rest of the zoo, William and I hung out on the playground. 

And then it was back to the HerpAquarium, because the creature crew had come to the zoo for the den of vipers.  And I tried to have a God sighting while looking at . . .

Not – yet.  I suppose I will just have to keep practicing. 

Now this picture is filled with God sightings!

Where have you seen God’s presence in your life today?

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