Ending Our Hike with Big Mike

Our hike at Shaker Village on Saturday was glorious.  We had a wonderful time and headed for home with dirty shoes, full hearts, and plans for catching up on some yard work when we got home. (Being gone for 2 months equals weeds in our flower beds – shocking I know!)

I was looking forward to drinking iced tea and knitting while Jason drove us home from our adventure in the great outdoors (further proof of Jason’s being a nicer person than I am). 

My plan worked perfectly for the first part of the drive.  Jason drove, and I did what I do best.  I talked at Jason while knitting and consuming a refreshing beverage.  Then Jason got all fancy and decided to accelerate onto the interstate in our almost 15 year old car.  The car decided against that plan.  Actually the car decided it had just plain had enough of our family dragging it places, and refused to drive us more than a few yards past mile marker 47. 

We bought our Subaru Forester when Jack was a teeny, tiny 4 month old baby in Fargo, North Dakota.  (Jack turns 15 in a week). It had over 236,000 miles on it.  We knew it was time.  Okay – it was probably past time.  But Jason and I are notably frugal/cheap, and we aren’t “car” people.  Plus have I mentioned we are cheap?!?

We may be cheap, but we do have AAA since we were driving a car with 236,000 miles (we aren’t completely nuts). 

So Jason called AAA while I took in the view . . .

Look at all of those shades of green.  It was kind of pretty.  Well – sort of pretty . . .

It was also hot.  It was over 90 degrees on Saturday, but thankfully AAA assured us that it would take less than 40 minutes for our tow truck driver to rescue us so we settled in to wait.  I had iced tea, Jason had water, and we both had great company.

(I love a man who can keep a smile on his face while melting in a broken down car on the side of the interstate when his wife declares – “oh – something to tell the blog.”)

3 hours, 5 increasingly frustrating phone calls, and much less water later this was still our view . . .


At least we didn’t have two bored, hot, miserable kids in the back seat, but it was actually too hot to knit.  Imagine that too hot to knit!  There is a first time for everything.

Just as I had pulled a church directory out of my purse to call for some emergency Lutheran back up, the tow truck arrived.

In just minutes our new best friend Big Mike had the car loaded.

And locked down tight.

We were off for home.

As I cleaned out the car after Big Mike dropped it and us off at our house one last time, I got to thinking about all of the places that silly car had taken our family.

– It took Jack to his first day of daycare, preschool, kindergarten, first grade in Indiana, first grade in Kentucky, second, third, fourth, and fifth grades.  (Jack started riding the bus in middle school.  And to his high school registration day.

– It was with us during my first call, all of my second call, and 7 years of my third call as a pastor.  (Think of all of the trips it has made to Lutheran churches.) 

– We drove that car to Louisville for my interviews with a congregation called Saint Stephen in Fern Creek on Bardstown Road and talked about them the WHOLE way home.  (I liked them a lot and hoped that they liked me too.)

– We drove William home from the hospital in that car just 2 days before Christmas in 2012.

– All but one of our family vacations to Gatlinburg, TN have been in that car over the past 14 years.

– Both Jack and William have had great naps in that car – actually so have I!

– It has hauled countless bags of groceries, knitting bags, and Lutherans.

It was just a car.  In the end – it was a very old – very worn out – very broken car.  It was an inanimate object.

It went vroom and took us the places we wanted and needed to go. But my, oh my, the places we have been in it in the last 14 1/2 years! 

It makes me wonder what God has planned for our family for the next 14 years.

It was a great blessing to spend some time reflecting on God’s blessings to our family over the past 14 1/2 years.

It is so easy to forget how deeply and powerfully blessed we are (especially when life gets a bit messy and very hot and you are faced with car shopping – YUCK), but God blesses us all.

How has God blessed you? 

PS – I think I may have finally uncovered why I keep getting so many nails in my tires since we moved to Kentucky.  I spotted these on the seat next to me in Big Mike’s tow truck on the way home. 

Apparently the tow truck drivers in Kentucky carry large supplies of very long, very pointy nails  . . .

Hmmm…..(excellent business model?)

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