Shaking It Up

I love my home.  I love our tree filled, friendly (hi Marcia, David, Darlene, and Jim) neighborhood.  I love the walks that Jason and I take through our neighborhood every single evening, but after a week back in the busy, bustling, big city we were craving a hike in the woods.  So bright and not too early Saturday morning we were off to Shaker Village near Harrodsburg, Kentucky to get some dirt on our shoes, some fresh air in our lungs, and to fill our eyes with a whole bunch of glorious, gorgeous GREEN.

Shaker Village has long been one of our favorite places to hike and our favorite trail is the Shawnee Run Trail.  Shawnee Run has almost everything that we are looking for in a trail.  It has wildflowers, fields, meadows, hills, woods, a river, gorgeous views, a waterfall, and it is nice and long ( just over 7 miles).  I just really, really want it to be right outside my back door . . .  maybe someday.

The down side – you share the trail with horses.  Horses don’t pick up after themselves, and their feet can really tear up a trail when it is wet.  The upside to sharing the trail with horses is that their people are delightfully funny whenever they encounter hikers using the same trails with only their humble human feet.  They find hikers so surprising like we are great adventurers to be way out there in the wild using nothing more than our own power!  They make me feel strong, brave, daring, and tough – sort of like I have a super power.  I love horse-people.  They make me smile.

Saturday was perfectly perfect, and the Shawnee Run Trail was stunningly beautiful as always.

It was just Jason and me on Saturday (for some reason our almost 15 year old didn’t want to spend yet another Saturday trapped in the woods with his charming, delightful, engaging parents, and there is no way Jason and I would torture ourselves by dragging William along on something like this.  I think I may have mentioned Will’s opinions on hiking once or three thousand times.)

Look at how inviting that trail is . . . enchanting.

This bird house made me think of Dale and Liz . . .

I love the way the light filters through the trees in the woods.

A butterfly on a coneflower on a gorgeous, hot, summer day in Kentucky.  Our home state is filled with God’s abundant blessings.

A waterfall in the woods. . . now God is just showing off!

My favorite flowers growing wildly wild along the trail – a delightful, yellow surprise.


We truly give God thanks for this time together in the great outdoors.  Our shoes were dirty and very wet from several river crossings.  We were hot and dirty, mud splattered and grass clipping covered and our hearts were very full of God’s blessings as we left Shaker Village and headed for home.

How have you experienced God’s blessings this summer?

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