On our last night in Michigan I lingered on the beach long after all of the other McFarlands had headed inside.  (Apparently Jack and William were not feeling quite as sentimental about our sabbatical travels coming to an end as I was.)

Jason and I had gone for our last walk along the beach.

We had enjoyed our last bonfire and eaten (devoured) our last s’mores.  (I truly give thanks for the genius who first roasted a marshmallow over a fire and then told her friends about it.)

We had harassed our last frog. 

But there wasn’t anything pressing that I needed to do inside – so I lingered.  Our suitcases were already packed.  Jason and I had taken care of that on Friday morning, because neither one of us possess a single procrastinating bone in our bodies.  (We had laughed about that earlier in the day.  Our kids don’t know what it is like to run late for anything.  Jack was almost – almost late for school once when the power went out, but we made it just in time.)

I listened to the waves lapping against the shore.  I looked for beach glass.  I watched the way the light and water made the rocks shine and glow.

I gave thanks for our 8 week adventure together – for the opportunity to slow down while seeking God’s presence.  I gave thanks for the way that our travels had changed my perspective on life and on the way I want to live my life.

I reflected on where we had been and what we had done.  I remembered and gave thanks for the wonderful people we had met.

I listened and I lingered.  I watched and I gave thanks for the world our Lord created.

And then I was blessed with this.

Sometimes there just aren’t words . . .

I left Michigan with a very full heart.

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