Landing With a Thump

Our sabbatical trips were truly once in a lifetime adventures. 

I still can’t quite believe that I have been attacked by mosquitos while star gazing in both Kohunlich, Mexico and Silver City, Michigan in the very same summer.  That I climbed to the top of Maya ruins in Calakmul where it was 97 degrees and then I climbed a smallish mountain in Michigan when it was 57 degrees four weeks later.  That I picked up beach glass along the ocean in Akumal, Mexico and along the shore of Lake Superior just 6 weeks apart. 

On Saturday afternoon our plane landed in Louisville with a slight thump of the wheels on the tarmac and with that bump we were back in the thick of it. (Back to our real lives.)

Landing wasn’t easy, but I hadn’t anticipated that it would be. 

We covered a lot of territory in just 8 weeks, and I loved it.  (Well – most of it.)

The taxi pulled up in front of our house on Saturday evening and the first thing both Jason and I noticed with a disappointed groan was the fact that our lawn really needed mowing.  (grrr!)

I walked into the house and – of course – the pantry and the refrigerator were both disappointingly EMPTY.  The mythical grocery fairy hadn’t stopped by this week either.   (Grrr!!)

Jason and I got into the car to run to the store for a few groceries and the check engine light was on in my car, the car needed gas, and the driver’s side window wouldn’t roll down. (GRRR!!!)

Then they got William’s order wrong not once but twice at McDonald’s, and I didn’t catch the mistake the second time.  William was not pleased with the “gross” stuff like pickles, mustard, and ketchup on his beloved and much anticipated “plain” cheeseburger.  (GRRRR!!!!!)

Grrrr!  I said to Jason. GRRR!  GRRRR!!!!!

I was tired from traveling all day and hungry and traffic was just plain annoying.  There were people and cars everywhere.

This is hard and annoying and stressful – I declared.

And not once on the entire grumpy drive to or from the grocery store did I seek or find God’s presence.  Not once.  Not Once!  NOT ONCE!!!

But it isn’t too late.  So – here it goes, because I know that God was there all along.  I just wasn’t looking.

God was there with me – even as I said GRRR this is hard!  God was there.  God was most definitely there!

So what – if our house sitter didn’t mow the lawn before we got home from Michigan.  We have a lovely lawn and my husband is strong and healthy.  (There was a terrifying time 7 years ago – when we wondered if Jason would be able to do things like mow lawns ever again.) 

Plus the lawn was very green and very tall, and I am always going on and on about how much I like green stuff!

I walked into a beautiful home with electricity, fresh, running water, and air conditioning.  Not to mention the fact – that the “empty” pantry really wasn’t empty at all.  We had plenty of canned goods, nuts, dried goods, and tuna to eat for days.  It just wasn’t what we were in the mood to eat.  So we took ourselves to the grocery store and bought the groceries that we wanted.  Talk about blessed!

The car is just a car, and it isn’t our only mode of transportation.  We also have Jason’s truck and our own very healthy feet!  Plus we know a nice mechanic who will look at it sometime this week.

I can afford to waste money on silly meal for my 5 year old in a restaurant. 

I am blessed.  Abundantly – wonderfully – wildly blessed. 

Even when the lawn is too tall – the pantry is “empty” – the check engine light is on – and someone proves to be just as human as I am – I am blessed!

And that – I think – is one of the greatest lessons God was trying to teach this pastor during her sabbatical.  Well – actually – I think that is what God is trying to teach this pastor during her earthly life.

God is everywhere.  God is with us always – even when we are so blinded by our GRRR’s that we don’t see his presence and for that I truly give our Lord thanks and praise.

God is here!

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