Walking on Broken Glass

I found it really hard to sit still in Michigan.  If the sun was up I was outside, and if I was outside – I was usually walking. I didn’t even sit still to knit very often.  My knitting output in Michigan was shockingly low – only 1 shawl and 6 wash cloths.  For me knitting output that low is barely alive!

Jason and I went for at least 2, usually 3 walks (4 if we could make it happen) along the beach every day that we were there – when the boys were busy gaming.  (I too love a good WiFi signal!) 

A few times our littlest buddy came with us, but most of the time it was just Jason and me and shores of Lake Superior.

I don’t know what it is about Lake Superior, but it pulls on my soul.  I am drawn to the shore.  I love the sound of the waves.  The rush of the wind.  The crunch of sand and rocks under my shoes, and I particularly love looking for beach glass.

Clear beach glass

Green beach glass

Blue beach glass (which is pretty rare)

Older beach glass

Newer beach glass

Small flecks

Special surprises

I never – ever – ever tire of looking for beach glass.

I love how the lake can take our trash – our broken pieces of junk – and turn them into something that is so incredibly beautiful.

Sort of like the way that God takes us – with all of our broken – sinfulness and washes us in the waters of baptism and makes us his forgiven – redeemed children.

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