Frogs, Forts, Frozen Toes and FUN

Lake Superior is huge.  In fact – it is the largest body of fresh water on the planet.  It is so big that it took us several days to convince William that we hadn’t returned to the ocean. 

Lake Superior is also cold – especially for people from Louisville, Kentucky who have spent the last 6 weeks in even hotter Mexico.  Actually – the UP of Michigan is just plain nippy.  I wore a wool hat for part of every single day we were in Michigan.  So we didn’t do a lot of actual swimming in Lake Superior (actually Jason and I did zero lake swimming), but we did spend a huge amount of time along the shore of the lake and a lot of time with our feet in the water.

Jack and William spent part of each day hunting for frogs in the nearby creek/frog pond. 


This was definitely William’s favorite part of our trip to Michigan, and I am sure that the frogs rejoiced the day our plane took off from the Houghton, Michigan Airport! 

Hiding from Jack and William must have been exhausting for the frog population of Silver City during our 2 week stay in town.

Every once in a while William would agree to give Jack a brief break from his frog hunting responsibilities. 

Jack quickly set to work on a project all his own with his hatchet, muscle, and ingenuity.

Soon “Fort McFarland” had been built on the shores of Lake Superior.

We tried our hands at rock sculptures.

And rock cities.

And sand cities that were destroyed by tsunamis. (These were William’s speciality.  Our youngest son does love a good disaster!)

My sons whacked each other with sticks.  (They do this wherever and whenever they find sticks.)

And there were beach walks.

Many – many – many walks along the beach.

My favorite part of our trip to Michigan was definitely all of the beach walks.

The sound of the waves.  The feel of the sand.  The view of the sun on the water.  The rush of the wind.

I was very aware of God’s presence with us as I walked along the shores of Lake Superior. 

I wonder why it is often so much harder to have that awareness of God’s presence at other times and in other places? 

After all – God made the whole world and everything in it!

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