Berries But No Snakes

Another day dawned, and we were off for another awesome (my description) adventure in the woods.  (I may not want to know how my beloved sons would describe it!?!  “Keeping Kerri Calm” – “Catering to Kerri” – “Climbing with Crazy Kerri” – “More Misery with Mom” – “Steps of Sorrow.”) 

This time it was William who picked the trail we hiked.  William was hoping that we would discover some truly terrifying creatures along the way.  So Will was crushingly disappointed when there weren’t any anacondas lurking in the overhead tree limbs or any massive rattlesnakes waiting to ambush us along the edges of the trail.  By this time in our trip William would have even settled for a measly garter snake – but alas nary a snake passed our way in Michigan no matter how hard we tried and we tried really – Really – REALLY hard.

We may have not found snakes, but all was not lost.  We found berries. 

Lots and lots of yummy, delicious perfectly ripe thimbleberries were growing along the trail that William had chosen for us to explore.

We spent quite a while picking thimbleberries and sampling them.  Jack, Jason, and I thought that thimbleberries were really – really yummy. 

William tried one and decided that he would rather pick them and skip the eating part (what a weird kid).

By the time we left the trail we had red hands, big smiles, and a very unique memory of an afternoon in the mountains of Michigan.

I had never even heard of thimbleberries before our trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  The incredible diversity of the world our Lord created continues to delight and astound me. 

What new things have you noticed about the world in which we have the honor of living?

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